Four Tips to Salvage a Window With Terrible Views

Four Tips to Salvage a Window With Terrible Views

If you look out the window and see ugly billboards or your neighbor’s wall, it’s time to change that! When you’re living in a highly urbanized area, having a view isn’t really an option unless you live in a skyrise.  Living in small quarters doesn’t always give you the option to say, “wow” to your view. But instead of looking at a brick wall, there are some things you can do to salvage your window with terrible views. Below are Champion Mover’s very simple, yet effective strategies to upgrade your view.

Try to Distract Your Attention Using Indoor Plants

Try adding sheer curtains to “water down” the unpleasant view, so it brings your attention to the plants. Using sheer curtains as a backdrop will help the plants stand out, and the view to fade away. The best plants to work with are Pothos, philodendrons, burro’s tail, English ivy, and spider plants.

If you don’t want to try hanging plants, you can line up several pots in front of the window. Try a variation of Dracaena, Massangeana, or snake plants. These plants will definitely add life to any window with terrible views.

Hang Something Interesting Over the Window

Some of us are not blessed with green thumbs. Instead of using plants, try macrame mobile against the curtains. The decorations added to your mobile should vibrate the whole floorplan. So make sure that it matches the look of all your decors. For instance, if your home has earthy tones, try hanging something that’s made of pottery pieces. Adding mobile to your living room adds a contemporary ambiance to your room so try playing with different kinds to bring a “wow” factor to your home.

Mirrors Will Reflect Causing Distractions

When you’re looking for optical illusions, you’ll find it within mirrors. Deflect the attention of ugly views with a mirror, so it heightens the mood of your living space. Angle it, so it reflects an incredible arrangement of a plant grouping, tapestry or beautiful painting.

Install Etched Glass

If your window is big, consider installing stained or etched glass. But make sure to select the ones that are precise in the cut so that you can still open the window when necessary. Select ones that are eye-catching with plenty of transparent pieces if that window happens to be a primary source of natural light for your room.

Not everyone is a fan of stained glass, try etched glass instead. You want a lovely design that speaks your personality but also distracts your attention from the view. Before doing this, ask your landlord for permission first.