Moving Tips for Summer 2021

Moving Tips for Summer 2021

Are you planning a big summer move? Moving to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Phoenix? No worries! Champion Movers in Las Vegas has you covered with all of your local moving and long-distance moving this summer. With our experienced moving team by your side, your move this summer is sure to be a breeze. Here are some additional moving tips for summer 2021 that will make your summer move easy.

Get Your Packing Completed Early

One of the most important packing and moving tips that I will never forget is to get packing done early. If you know that you are moving in three months, there is no reason that you shouldn’t start packing now. Now that may seem early, but you’d be surprised how much stuff around your home you don’t need immediately. Fancy dishes? Winter clothing? Decorations?

Take inventory of all of the items you can live without for a few months, and pack those up now. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, and you won’t scramble to pack at the last minute.

Schedule Your Moving Truck for the Early Morning

Summer in Las Vegas can get HOT. But you know that.

That’s why we recommend getting your moving done as early in the day as possible to avoid that mid-day heat wave that can make moving unbearable. When you book your moving truck with Champion Movers, be sure to book early so that you can choose the most desirable moving time, and remember to ask for our earliest availability!

You’ll thank us later!

Stay Hydrated and Stay Out of the Sun

Moving during the middle of the day? Remember to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water throughout the day, whether packing or moving. You want to be sure that you feel cool and refreshed.

Keep Delicate Items Out of the Heat

As we mentioned, Las Vegas is a hot place during the summer. Remember to keep items easily damaged by heat out of the sun. You may choose to keep these items out of the moving van too. Moving vans can get pretty hot, and so will the items in them. If you have valuables or delicate items, it may be best to pack those in your car with you so that you can be sure they will not be damaged.

Wear Plenty of Sun Protection

If you plan on being out in the sun, packing, and moving on your own, wear plenty of sun protection. Sunscreen and SPF creams can help protect your skin from sun damage, sunburns, and skin cancer. This is especially important if you move during the hot Las Vegas summer months.

Hire the Pros at Champion Movers Las Vegas Moving Company

Want to find the best way to move this summer? Hire the experienced packing and moving team at Champion Movers. Our large team has a fleet of vans ready to help you with your move. From packing and loading to moving and installing your furniture at your new home— we do it all! Call us today and schedule your Las Vegas move now.