Moving Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Cross-Country

Moving Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Cross-Country

When you’re getting ready for your big move, whether moving from California to Las Vegas or planning to move cross-country, you should always have a game plan. At Champion Movers, we want to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, from initial packing to unloading and getting settled in. That’s why we’ve put together this list of moving mistakes to avoid so you can have a stress-free move.

Not Going Through All of Your Items Before Packing

We understand that not every move happens under ideal conditions, and sometimes packing in a hurry is the only way to get all your belongings together in time for your moving date. That being said, you always want to make sure that you go through all of your belongings before you start the packing process so that you can separate any items that are junk or that you want to donate rather than take them all with you. This will save you the time and money of taking a bunch of items that you don’t even want to take with you.

Not Organizing All of Your Items by Room

When you get to the packing portion of your move, organize and pack all of your items according to which room they will ultimately end up in. That means that you need to group your bathroom items, kitchen items together, and so on. This will make the unloading and unpacking process much easier. Not only will you be more organized in your unloading efforts, but you will also limit the clutter around your new home when you start unpacking.

Not Being Specific When Labeling Boxes

Along the same line of being organized when packing your boxes. It’s important to be as specific as possible when labeling moving boxes. One of the most common moving mistakes to avoid is only writing “master bedroom” on a box. Instead of specifying if they are decorations or clothing. This can make the unpacking process confusing.

Not Ordering Enough Packing Supplies and Moving Equipment

Another moving mistake to avoid is not anticipating that you will need packing supplies and moving equipment like dollies, pads, and furniture blankets. The last thing you want to do is to unload the moving van. Only to realize that your new tv and heirloom furniture have scratches all over them. Because you didn’t have enough foresight to cover them.

Not Calling Champion Movers

The biggest mistake you can make when moving across the country is not contacting Champion Movers. Our experienced team of movers has the necessary experience and expertise to help make your move as pain-free as possible. We will help you move around Las Vegas or nationwide. With the highest customer satisfaction from the initial packing through the move. We’ll see you through the final installation process in your new home. If you’re ready to start planning your move, contact Champion Movers today!