5 Tips on Moving Heavy Furniture By Yourself

5 Tips on Moving Heavy Furniture By Yourself

Sometimes we may not have that extra help or time to move heavy furniture. When life hits and you have no option to move a heavy object by yourself, you’re bound to just do it yourself. If you have heavy furniture you’re not sure about how to move by yourself, you’re not alone! Check out Champion Mover’s five helpful tips to help you get started.

How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself

1. Lighten the load

First things first, try to get as much weight as possible off of the furniture, appliance, or object. Be sure to remove any attached parts to make it a lot easier for you to handle. This goes the same for dressers or wardrobes.

Be sure to take out any items inside and if the drawers detach this will make it a whole lot easier. On the plus side, this will prevent any damage or mess from objects falling off.

2. Safety first

Take the time to plan out where you’ll be moving the furniture too. Do you have a flight of stairs to go down? Are there certain hallways or doors you have to manage to get through? Having a plan of action will definitely help with the process. On the plus side, this will give you a sense of safety and caution.

Remember to go slowly and take your time. If you’re lifting, life with your legs rather than your lower back. This will prevent back injury or pain.

3. Use furniture sliders

If you definitely can’t carry or hold the piece of furniture, look to furniture sliders. Not only do they help protect your hardwood or carpet floors, but they will help the object easy glide to where you need it to be.

If you don’t have any furniture sliders on hand, you can also look to cardboard or towels as a cheap alternative.

4. Use a dolly

Dollies are also another great tool to use for awkwardly shaped objects. The wheels make it easy to transport and can make the process a lot less stressful. You can typically purchase or rent this tool at your local hardware store.

5. Get help

When in doubt, reach out for professional help! Moving companies specialize in properly moving heavy furniture or awkward objects to wherever they need to be. Save yourself the time and energy by leaving it to experts that know what they’re doing.