Tips to Pack Glassware/Fragile Items

Tips to Pack Glassware Fragile Items

When packing glassware and fragile items, using something as simple as a newspaper won’t always do the trick. Packing special items must be managed with care. Otherwise, your precious things can be easily damaged in a packing box, and sometimes, just taping it up isn’t an option. Here are several tips from Champion Movers on how to pack glassware/fragile items that you should always keep in mind when packing for a move:

How to Properly Pack Fragile Objects

General Packing

• Make sure to set up a sturdy packing area with a flat and stable surface.
• Only use small or mid-sized boxes for your fragile items. You don’t want to make the boxes too heavy to lift or stack.
• Always use a softer paper to wrap your delicate items first, then apply bubble wrap around it to provide extra protection.
• Though newsprint is good to use for many items, don’t use it for fragile items that have delicate surfaces like ivory or fine china. Ink can transfer from newsprint, especially if it gets wet.
• With stemware: secure the stem with bubble wrap before wrapping the rest of the glass with packing paper.
• Make sure to stack wrapped-up plates sideways in their respective boxes.
• Don’t forget to label it as fragile!


• Make sure to stuff the inside of all cups, glasses, and goblets with packing paper or bubble wrap.
• When placing glassware into the boxes, start with the heavier items first to avoid putting any weight on the lighter, smaller items.
• For extra padding and protection, add packing material (such as peanuts or bubble wrap) at the bottom and the top of each box. This helps to cushion any unsuspected bumps and blows along the way.

Art and Pictures

• The artwork is framed in glass. Tape an “X” across it to prevent the glass from falling out.
• Then, wrap the artwork in newspaper and bubble wrap before placing it into an appropriately sized picture box.
• If there is additional space in the box, fill it with extra newspaper.


Moving large or expensive heirlooms and collectibles, especially those with sentimental value, can be difficult. The trick here is to rely on the services of a specialty moving company like Champion Movers. That can offer customized moving solutions that meet your needs.
• Moving companies can determine the best way to pack and transport your precious heirlooms. To ensure any potential damage is avoided.

The best tips to pack glassware/fragile items simply boil down to common sense. Remember to use extreme caution when handling items for moving, and if you can, move them to your new home yourself.