How to Properly Pack Your Boxes

How to Properly Pack Your Boxes

How to Properly Pack Your Boxes

Tired of always packing in the most ineffective, inefficient, and inconvenient ways? We bet you are! Packing is truly an art; good packing can save you time and money! When you become a packing expert, you’ll spend less money on packing supplies and less time packing, moving, and unpacking! Finding ways to pack your boxes properly can be a game-changer when it comes to moving, so let the experts at Champion Movers, Las Vegas’ best moving company, help you discover a few strategic keys to packing that you may be skipping!

Organize Your Packing by Room

The first thing that you should try to do when packing is to pack by room. This means you should pack and organize your boxes one room at a time. This is so all of the items from your kitchen end up in the same boxes so that when it comes time to unload the boxes from the moving van and place them in your home, you know exactly where to set them. This method of organizing your packing by room also allows you to move through your home without feeling overwhelmed with packing systematically.

Pack Your Seasonal Items First

Do you know you’ll not need certain seasonal items for a while? Maybe you’re moving in the middle of summer, and you have no need for jackets and extra blankets. Pack them up and get them out of the way! These are easy items to pack, and you can get them out of the way early so that you have less to pack on the days leading up to your move-out date. These items can also go to the back of the moving truck or the back of the storage unit because you know that you will not need them any time soon.

Make an Inventory and Label Things as You Go!

Want to know where items are without ripping through 10 of the same boxes? Keep an inventory of every item that goes into a box, write that list down, and tape that list to the side of the box! That way, you know where everything is without looking inside the box.

Have the Pros at Champion Movers Pack for you.

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