Home Moving Check List

Home Moving Check List

It’s almost time for the big move! You’ve purchased a new home but before you move in there are somethings that you need to take care of. From packing up all of your belongings to changing your billing address, you may feel overwhelmed! Remember to add these chores to your home moving check list from Champion Movers to make sure that your move is as seamless as possible.

Have a Yard Sale

Moving from one home to another can be a messy ordeal that requires you to unpack all of your personal belongings at the end of your move. You can severely cut back on the amount of items that you have to move by having a yard sale and getting rid of some of the unnecessary items that just contribute to clutter. By having a yard sale, not only are you getting rid of some items that you no longer need to pack up and move, you’ll have some extra cash on hand to pay for the move!

Hire a Moving Company

If you want to make sure that you have a painless and stress-free move this holiday season, you’ll want to make sure that you hire a reputable moving company. When you hire a moving company, you hire a team of professionals who have years of experience handling fragile and valuable items into a new home. Moving companies can also help you pack up heavy items such as cabinets and pianos, which can be a hassle to move on your own!

Create a packing list

Regardless of whether or not you are moving on your own or hiring a moving crew to handle the heavy lifting, it is incredibly important to be organized. Creating an organized packing list will remind you what items are in what box and which boxes belong in certain rooms. This is also a great way to keep track of valuable items that you don’t want to get lost in the move. Your home moving check list should include a room-by-room break down of boxes as well as furniture.

Update Your Address

Moving to a new home means that you are inevitably moving to a new address. When you move to a new address, you need to update your address with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Take fifteen (15) minutes to hop online and change your address through the USPS website. While you’re at it, you will need to update your address with any creditors, institutions, and subscription services that you are signed up for.

Check Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When you’re moving into your new home, you will want to make sure that you are moving into a safe home. One of the ways that you can make sure that you can sleep safely through the night is to check and test all of the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in the home.