Moving Safety Tips

Moving Safety Tips

Packing up your home and loading boxes into a moving truck is probably the least exciting aspect of your move. We get it! That’s why the professionals at Champion Movers are here to help! We offer various packing, moving, and furniture set-up services that make your move as pain-free as possible! That being said, whether you’re packing and moving by yourself or enlisting the help of all of your friends to make it the most productive hangout ever, there are a few moving safety tips that you should always be aware of!

1. Prepare Yourself Before the Move!

The best way to have a successful move is to put in a little work beforehand to set yourself up for success! Planning everything out before you start packing boxes and lifting will make sure that everything goes according to plan because you’ve thought about any hiccups and road bumps that you might run into.

  • Have you rented the appropriately sized moving truck?
  • How can you make loading and unloading the easiest?
  • Is there parking in front of your property to limit the length of the trips?
  • Do you have a clear path from your home to the moving vehicle?
  • Will you need to purchase a back support belt for listing?

These will all make your move quick and safe!

2. Lift With Legs

This is a nugget of common sense that we’re sure everyone knows, but when it comes time to lift those heavy boxes into the truck, be sure to lift with your legs. Lifting with your back is a bad technique, resulting in numerous injuries that can end your move. If you have to pick up a box (or any item) off the floor, be sure to keep your back straight, bend at your knees, then lift straight up. This will keep you from hunching your back and throwing it out.

3. Be Careful When Carrying Items

Once you have those boxes safely lifted off the ground, you should be careful while carrying them to the moving truck. You should have already cleared out a route from your home to the curb, but you will want always to walk slowly, watch your step, and never try to carry more than you can comfortably lift. If needed, work smarter (not harder) and make use of dollies and other tools that are available to you.

4. Don’t Overpack

Overpacking boxes can lead to a handful of problems, from package breaking to hurting the person lifting the items. To prevent overpacking items, it’s recommended that you place heavier items into smaller boxes so that they are easier to lift and transport.

5. Keep Kids and Pets Occupied Somewhere Else

While young children will always want to give a helping hand, sometimes they can easily get in the way. When loading up the moving truck, it may be best to send children and pets somewhere where they do not cause a tripping hazard to yourself and your moving help. Plan a play date at a friend or relative’s house.