Moving Into a Smaller Home

Moving Into a Smaller Home

Regarding packing and moving, it can be quite an intimidating task, what to keep, and what not to keep. Nevertheless, what do you do when the new place you are moving to is significantly smaller than your previous home? Many people decide to downsize to a smaller home for various reasons, children moved away, moving into a dorm, retirement, finances, or moving to a more metropolitan area. Regardless of the reason, it can be difficult to figure out how to condense your belongings into a smaller place.

Even though it seems stressful, remember to relax and keep calm, regardless of the size of the home you are downsizing to. Making room in a smaller home might not be as difficult as you think. Sometimes, it may be even easier. Keep in mind that many people downsize to a smaller home every day. You are not the only one.

Here Are Some Great Tips on How to Move Into a Smaller Home

Determine the Amount of Space You Have

When it comes to downsizing, it is important to look over and calculate all the space you have to work with. Knowing the amount of space you have can give you a visual idea of the most efficient way to furnish your new home. Determine the square footage of your new home and subtract it from your current home to understand the actual amount of space you have.

List the Items Necessary to Bring to Your New Home

We all have essential belongings which must be included in the new home. These usually include your bed, sofa, television, and kitchen supplies. Create a pyramid list that shows the most important items which must come with the move, to the lesser items which aren’t as important. This process will give you a much more organized approach when moving.

Calculate the Size of Your Furniture

One of the key questions you have to ask when downsizing is, will my furniture fit in my new home? Take the time to measure the bigger items you plan on moving, such as your sofa, television, bed, and tables. With accurate measurements, the decision to move certain items will be eliminated based on size.

Have a Yard Sale

Between hosting a yard sale or posting items on apps, you can make space and extra cash by listing some of your belongings. Selling items from your home rather than throwing them out will probably make it more justifiable to part with. You can especially benefit from some of the larger items you have to part with.

Bring an Outside Friend to Help You Decide

Sometimes when faced with a difficult decision, it seems impossible to make a decision. We can spend hours going back and forth. This is why bringing in someone to help, such as a professional moving service, is more decisive and can benefit you when choosing what to keep and what to toss out.