How to Move Pets Without a Hassle

Now that you’re moving into a new home the last thing you should ever forget is your furry four-legged family member!

Moving with a pet or pets may sound like a dog-pile of stress, but remember, pets can get really anxious and overwhelmed while in the process of moving to an unfamiliar place. Pets can actually be the best way to relieve you some urgency for the move, so continue to give them the love and attention they deserve and they’ll do the same for you! Here are some helpful tips and tricks that’ll help the transition go purr-fectly.

How to Move with Your Pets

1. Drop them off at doggy day care or a pet sitter

The day of the big move, use pet boarding or your favorite pet nanny to keep your pet occupied. It’s important to keep your pets and especially small children clear of the home to avoid any dangerous moving equipment. Having a barking dog that’s running out the front door elongates the moving process and can bring more stress to you and the movers.

2. Prep them for car rides

If a road trip is required to the new home, be sure your pet will be comfortable for the long journey. If your pet isn’t use to driving in your car, take them on small drives the week prior to hitting the long road so they can get use to being in a vehicle. Use back seat hammocks, guard nets, harness seat belts, or simply their kennel/crate to ensure their safety and comfort for the ride. Be sure to also feed them three hours prior to the drive and plan to make multiple stops so they can stretch their legs, drink water, and do their business.

3. Flying?

The idea of flying your pet may sound worrisome or uncomfortable to you, but not to worry! Hundreds of pets travel via airplane every day. Be sure that the crate they will be traveling in is large enough for them to stand and turn around in. Provide a portion of the food for their flight along with their food/water bowls, and maybe a little toy. Be sure to do your research as usual and consider pet transport services if you need more helping hands on the big move.

4. Let them settle in

As a pet owner, patience should already be in your blood. Give them time and space to wonder in their new fortress. Let them explore while you unpack to keep them calm and relaxed. If you have a dog, take short strolls around the new neighborhood so he/she can familiarize the new sights and scents.

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