Moving Tips: How To Move Your Large Items

Moving Tips: How To Move Your Large Items

The housing market right now is absolutely hot! People buy houses in Las Vegas faster than they can settle in the market. All of those new mortgages mean a new homeowner and a new neighbor. If you’re one of those people, then be prepared to move. However, moving can be stressful, especially if you need to move large items.

What You Need To Know Before Moving Large Items

Before you start planning your move, we’ll be breaking down tips and tricks on how to move your large items. First, remember to get extra hands whenever moving heavy items. Ask for a favor from a friend or hire a professional mover to help. Next, remember to squat down and then lift your legs whenever picking up big items from the floor. This will ensure your back doesn’t get compromised and hurt. Third, remember to rent or have a truck big enough to move. Lastly, have any dollies, pallet wraps, moving blankets, or cargo straps available to strap things down during transportation.

Take Apart The Pieces First

The first moving tip on how to move your large items is to break down any pieces first. Meaning if it’s furniture that needs to be moved, then unscrew all the pieces so that it isn’t all together. For example, if it’s a bed frame, separate the headboard from the frame itself. The same goes for dressers with mirrors. Unscrew the mirror from the dresser and remove all the individual drawers. Taking apart the pieces first will make moving easier since it’s lighter and easier to fit through doors.

Use Every Angle

Now that you’ve removed the pieces, use every angle when physically moving it. Tilt any dressers, couches, and heavy items sideways so that it’s easier to fit through doorways. If tilting it doesn’t work, then consider flipping the item upside down and then using a different angle. Doorways can be extremely difficult to work with when moving, so use every angle and position possible to make it work.

Move It Into The Truck First

The next step when moving large objects is to place them onto the truck before adding the rest of the belongings. Too often, people start the moving process and leave the large items last because they’re the most difficult to deal with. However, once they placed all their items onto the truck, they find out they don’t have enough space to add the large items. Now, they have to remove items to fit the big pieces. Avoid this headache by placing heavier items first. After that, all that is left is the smaller items that can easily be placed onto the truck.

Strap It Down Tightly

Remember, give heavy items the space it deserves. Whenever placed in a truck or vehicle then, strap down the items as well. Don’t risk something tipping over during transportation, potentially damaging your belongings. Most moving trucks are equipped with cargo rails and straps to help with this. Make sure to tighten the straps enough so that there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for the heavy item to potentially fall over. Use any old blankets to place on the truck bed so that your items don’t get scratched as well. Also, consider using pallet wrap to prevent drawers or glass damage.

Drive Carefully

Lastly, the final and most important moving tip when moving your large items is to drive carefully during transportation. Remember, you’re moving your entire belongings from one place to another, so don’t drive fast. Take wide turns whenever turning onto another street. This will ensure that nothing will fall over and potentially damage your things during the trip.

Find Help For Moving Day

If you need help for moving day, then be sure to hire a professional. At Champion Movers, we specialize in local, long-distance, and commercial moving. Be confident in the decision that we can get the job done right.

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