How To Find the Best Budget Truck Rental

How To Find the Best Budget Truck Rental

Are you looking for the best budget truck rentals in Las Vegas to help with your big move? We don’t blame you. We love a good deal too! At Champion Movers, we make moving in Las Vegas as affordable as it is easy! We’ve found the best ways to ensure you always get the best deals when you need a moving truck to help get you to your new home. Here are some tips to help you find the best rates on a moving truck rental.

Aim for the Right Date and Time

When you want to find the best prices on a moving truck, you can either look for a budget truck rental company… or look for a trusted moving company and choose the best days and times. Like most fares, there are peak times and slow times for the truck rental industry. Finding out when the best time to rent a truck is to avoid paying those costly premium rates due to high demand and low availability.

Distance Matters

One of the most important factors contributing to the cost of a truck rental is the distance traveled. Most truck rental companies keep a close eye on their fleets’ odometers, and they factor mileage and wear and tear into the cost of rentals. If you plan on moving long distances, such as town to town or across state lines, your best bet is to find a long-distance moving company with better rates than any budget truck rental company.

Compare Companies for Competitive Rates

One of the biggest mistakes customers make when looking for a budget moving truck is not comparing competitors’ pricing. Most customers will call the first number that appears on Google and go with them. What customers should do if they want to find the best rates available is to call multiple companies and compare the rates that they are quoted. Call at least 2-3 companies and go with the best price.

Call a Local Las Vegas Moving Company

For some reason, when people want to find a budget truck rental, they tend to go with a car rental company rather than a local moving company. This is often a mistake because one company makes money from renting out trucks while the other specializes in helping you move. With a local moving company, you will find a moving truck, but you will also find a wide range of services and packing supplies that make your move a breeze.

Champion Movers Las Vegas

Champion Movers is a local Las Vegas moving company that provides affordable and professional moving services. From getting you the best rates on a moving truck rental to providing the widest range of moving services, including packing, installation, and even storage— we do it all! Find out why Champion Movers is the most trusted Las Vegas moving company.