Tips From Movers for Moving Valuable Items

Tips From Movers for Moving Valuable Items

If you’re already packing for your big move, you want to be sure that you take extra precautions to ensure that your most valuable items are properly transported to your new home without any hiccups on the way there. Unlike the remaining items you ship with your movers, valuable items will have a higher value to them (and, in some cases, be priceless heirloom items). When you are shipping these items with Champion Movers, they will be perfectly safe, but we like to cover all of our bases. Here are tips from the expert Las Vegas movers for moving your most valuable items!


As you pack the items in your home and place them into boxes, you want to make sure that you document every item. Creating an inventory for your home will allow you to have something to reference when you are unpacking to make sure that you did not lose or forget anything along the way. The more detailed, the better.


Most high-ticket items you own should be listed on your insurance, like an expensive wedding ring or priceless memorabilia. While the chances are low that anything will happen to your belongings, insurance is there to cover you for the time you need it. Check with your moving company to see what insurance they offer, but also check with your insurance company to see which items they can cover under your existing policy. Insurance will protect you from theft or damage.

Ask About Speciality Items

If you are moving a large, expensive item like a grand piano, there will likely need to be a specialty moving order placed. Exceptionally large and heavy items require special equipment and protocols to move, ship, or store.

Take Small Stuff With You

When it comes to moving valuable items, if you can take them with you, you should. Packing a small box to take your small jewelry pieces or personal documents with you on the car ride takes minimal effort but will give you maximum peace of mind.

Invest in Quality Packing Materials and Services

Investing in quality boxes and padding products. Protecting your valuable items is important because the last thing you want to do is open a “fragile” box. To find your belongings smashed up. You can purchase sturdy boxes for a very affordable price and high-quality packing padding. Once your boxes are packed, give them a little shake (gently!) to ensure the items in the box do not move. With our Packing Service, we use the highest-quality packing materials.

Pack Dishes and Fine China on Their Side

This tip is from personal experience, but whenever you pack dishes and fine china. You want to pack the dishes on their side rather than stacking them on each other. Packing them sideways will prevent dishes from sliding off from the top of the pile and breaking.