6 Tips On How To Organize Your Move

6 Tips On How To Organize Your Move

The average American moves about 11 times within their lifetime. That’s a lot of moving and packing someone has to do! Thankfully, there are six easier ways to organize your move.

Pack Your Items By Sections

The first thing you need to do when packing your items is to separate everything by sections. Keep the kitchen, living room, bathroom and fragile items separate from each other. Nothing is worse than having items jumbled together in a box and you can’t find what you’re looking for. The best way to practice this is to put everything together in the same box. That way you know what goes together come moving day. This will save you a lot of time when you’re actually moving into your new home or commercial building.

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Label Your Belongings

Another thing to keep in mind when moving is to label every box that is getting packed. Write on both sides of the box and on top of it as well. This will make it visually easier to see what box goes where inside the house. If the box is full of fragile items then make it clear to handle it with care. Just imagine moving a heavy box but only one side of the box is labeled, so you can’t see where it goes. Now, you have to put down the box and see where it goes. Thus, wasting a lot more energy than what is needed. Labeling every section of the box combined with packing everything by section will create the fastest and most efficient move. That way you can just pick up the box then drop it off in the section of the new home or commercial building.

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Move The Big Things First

Too often people leave the heavy or large items for last since it’s the toughest. However, doing this can create a problem. Imagine you’re done moving everything inside the truck only to find out there isn’t enough room for the couch, mattress, bed frame, etc. Now, you have to remove items to add in the big things. Placing the big things first then working around it with the rest of the items will save you that stress. Remember, to strap anything down that’s heavy or large. It will move during transportation, so securing it in place will prevent any damages to your belongings.

Give Yourself Enough Time

With the importance of moving be sure to give yourself enough time. Not giving yourself enough time to move can cause unnecessary stress. The last thing you want is to miss something important or package something incorrectly that results in damages. On your moving day make sure you’re free for the entire day!

Getting Help For Moving Day

Asking someone to help you is a huge favor. That’s why asking the right person you can trust is important. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to get hurt or your belongings to get damaged or stolen. There’s a lot of physical activity when moving, especially if the new building is on the second or higher floor. So, ask someone that’s available to help and can physically do it.

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Renting A Truck To Haul Your Things

Whether your next move is residential, long-distance or commercial Champion Movers can help! We offer the services you need to make your move quick, easy and efficient. Just like our company motto, trust that your decision in hiring us is “the right move.”

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