Tips for Moving to Las Vegas

Tips for Moving to Las Vegas

So you have decided to move you and your family to Las Vegas, the good old sin city. Las Vegas may seem like a city just built for gambling and entertainment. However, the city offers so much more. Beyond the strip, there are houses with communities and local events. Moving to Las Vegas can seem like another world, but Las Vegas isn’t much different from other cities. Champion Movers has done some homework for you on tips for moving to Las Vegas.

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You Need A Car

Unlike some condensed metropolitan cities, Las Vegas is very spread out and diverse. The city wasn’t built for walking to your neighborhood market or store. Having a car will give you the mobility to move around the city freely. There are 4 main areas of Las Vegas where people spend most of their day, Summerlin, Green Valley, Central Vegas, and North Las Vegas.

Each area is widely spread out and not located near each other. Many people commute daily to one of these locations for work or school.

Las Vegas Does Have a Winter

Yes, Las Vegas can have some of the highest temperatures in America during the summer months. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a cold winter. There is a common misconception (mostly generated from movies and t.v shows) that Las Vegas is hot all year long. This simply isn’t true.

The winters in Las Vegas may not reach Chicago’s freezing winter temperatures. However, we do get pretty cold weather down to the 30-degree range. It’s important to have winter wear during the cold months of October through March to be comfortable in the cold weather.

Locate the Local Hangouts

The strip may be an iconic part of Las Vegas overall, but it is not the unique character of Las Vegas. The downtown district is one of the fun parts of Las Vegas for the locals, providing various restaurants and bars. This is a great place for foodies, with all the various restaurants you can dine in.

Another fun local place is the arts district, home to First Friday. The arts district provides a cool collection of artwork from local artists. First Friday takes place on the first Friday of each month, filled with artists displaying their artwork, vendors, and a variety of food trucks. Many locals love spending time enjoying all the different activities that go on during the festival.

Take Advantage of the Housing Market

Las Vegas has always had a great housing market for those looking to get the most out of their dollar. The housing market provides more per square foot than you can get in other cities. With the average single-family home costing around $275,000, homebuyers have several options when shopping for a new home.