Summer Moving Tips

Summer Moving Tips

The summer move, as exciting and adventurous as it may be, it can also be a stressful time filled with complications and the hot sizzling sun beating down on you. Summer is a popular time to move because of the sudden increase of houses on the market, summer rental promotions, and children out of school. Preparing for the perfect move can be a very detailed process, which involves a lot of organization and focus. Making sure you are on top of everything, can greatly decrease the chances of errors and mistakes, which can occur during your move.

Becoming overwhelmed during a move is not unheard of and while you may be at your wit’s end ( aka on the verge of a mental breakdown), you still have to get the job done. Remaining cool, calm and collected, during the move will make the moving process much more manageable. Study Champion Movers’ Summer Moving Tips to master your next big move.

Tips for the Summer Move

Leave enough time for packing and scheduling

Planning a good amount of time to start packing is a very important part of your move. Taking the added time to make sure everything is packed and organized, will add to the efficiency of your move. Make sure to label your boxes correctly, so you can easily locate and prioritize items which need to be moved first. Try and make notes of all the things you need to schedule for your move. Double check the schedule 3-5 days in advance prior to your move, to ensure everything is aligned properly to minimize any last minute surprises.

Keep Hydrated During your Move

Being in and out of the sun during a summer move can be draining on your body. In the chaos of moving we need to remember to drink plenty of water throughout the move. During your summer move, it is easy to become dehydrated very quickly being out in the sun. Keep a jug of water near you during the move and sip on it regularly. If it helps, set your timer every hour to remind yourself to continue to drink. Keeping hydrated is one of our essential key summer moving tips.

Rise and Shine Early

It’s true…..” the early bird catches the worm” Waking up early to begin your move will not only have you beat the heat during the day, but it will also give you the opportunity to finish your move early (because none of us enjoys moving) and get settled into your new place. Though getting up early may not be desirable for some, you get the added benefit of having cooler weather for the move. An early move also gives you the opportunity to beat traffic, so you can be more efficient on your time.

Move In on a Weekday

When planning your move, look into moving on a weekday when it’s less busy, (if your schedule permits) if you decide to hire movers (which we highly recommend) usually you can negotiate a better rate vs a weekend when movers are usually busier.