The Ultimate Moving Expenses Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Expenses Checklist

Moving is a big deal, but it mustn’t be one of life’s most challenging events. With the right action plan, you can pack like the pros and have a stress-free move! We’ve compiled the ultimate moving expenses checklist to break down everything that must be completed every weekend leading up to the big move. Use Champion Mover’s handy list every time you plan on switching zip codes or even just moving across town!

Use the Moving Expenses Checklist for A Successful Move

8 Weeks Before Moving

• Decide whether you’re going to hire a moving company, reserve a formal storage unit like PODS, or book a truck such as U-haul if you plan on moving yourself
• Begin selling, donating, or throwing away items you don’t plan on moving. Use apps online like Mercari, Upsell, or eBay to get rid of valuable, unwanted items
• Call your insurance company and figure out if you need any additional coverage that needs to be met during the move, like movers insurance
• Start a folder to store all of your moving-related documents. Don’t forget to make a digital version of these documents online as well

6 Weeks Before Moving

• Create a packing list of all major items you will need to pack by room
• Figure out moving box costs and supply needs
• Purchase moving supplies, including boxes, tape, and packing materials. You can sometimes get free boxes at your local grocery store
• Start planning a garage sale or moving sale by collecting what items you’ll be selling. Get stickers for pricing and yard signs, and begin marking everything in preparation for the sale. Don’t forget to post announcements on social media to help spread the word

4 Weeks Before Moving

• Get all of your non-essentials packed. Things like: off-season clothing, holiday decor, sports equipment, anything stored in your garage and basement, and items that are loose or that aren’t used regularly
• Set up mail forwarding at the post office with USPS, and make sure to update your address with your bank, insurance companies, credit card companies, doctor’s offices, etc
• Throw a moving sale to get rid of all the things you can sell
• Donate items that you can’t sell or don’t have space for in your new place (save the receipt, which can be tax-deductible)

2 Weeks Before Moving

• Contact schools or places of employment to update information
• Pack all of the non-essentials from your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces
• Inspect the inside and outside of your home and make any needed repairs with your garage sale money
• Get your car tuned up with an oil change to avoid any unexpected car troubles on a moving day

Week Before Moving

• Pack remaining rooms and clean your current home, including inside the oven and refrigerator
• Transfer all utilities to your new address, including electricity, water, cable, etc…
• Make sure you have clean laundry, just in case there’s an issue at your new home

Night Before Moving

• Pack a box of essentials that you’ll need at your new place after you’ve moved: toothbrush, shampoo, toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and garbage bags. Don’t forget your moving folder and a phone charger so you can stay organized, charged up, and connected
• Do a final cleaning and go through each room to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything
• Go to bed early and get a good night of sleep before your big day

Day Of the Big Move

• Pick up the moving truck that has already been rented
• Pack your car with what is traveling with you
• Pack the moving truck (unless you have movers doing it for you)
• Do a final walk-through, and don’t forget to check the attic or crawlspace
• Turn in the house keys if being left with a realtor or landlord


Follow this timeline, and you’ll be ready without any unexpected costs or worries! This is the ultimate moving expenses checklist, and by using it to plan for your move, you’ll be ready to call your new place ‘home sweet home’ in no time!