Things to Throw Out Before Moving

Things to Throw Out Before Moving

Less really is more. This statement is most true when you are about to move. If you’ve avoided cleaning the attic for the last few years because of how much “junk” you’re afraid you’ll find, then now’s the chance to declutter your future home.

When moving, you don’t want to take everything with you, but at the same time, you must resist the urge to toss everything out. Sell or donate your gently used personal items whenever possible. If you haven’t used an item in the last couple of years, recently replaced it, or its purpose is no longer needed, consider donating it to a thrift store or flea market. Furthermore, recycling broken appliances and furniture that’s not being used is the ideal option for most.

What to Throw Out Before Moving

You must be honest with yourself: you can’t hold on to clutter forever. Get rid of your belongings that won’t be used again, which is junk. You can recycle or re-home other items that retain value so those items don’t end up in a landfill.

• Old clothes and shoes
• Old phones, CDs, and electronics
• Expired food
• Unused, expired medications
• Old makeup (yes, ladies, makeup goes bad)
• Non-essential paperwork, instruction manuals, old bills, and receipts
• Worn sheets, towels, and shower curtains
• Tax returns-transition to an electronic copy in the cloud
• Items in the back of your closet
• Belongings you haven’t seen in years; things are sitting on a shelf or in your closet corner.
• Books and old magazines that you can get at the library for free
• Holiday decorations that are never put out for the holidays
• Toys or games not being enjoyed anymore
• Broken items you’ll never fix
• Clothes that you never seem to wear anymore and won’t probably ever wear again

Take Inventory

Moving is a great opportunity to take inventory of what you have and, in many cases, what you have a lot of. Be sure to sell, donate, or give away anything in excess that someone else can use.

• Kitchen supplies, cups, dishes, utensils
• Mismatched containers
• Old spices and outdated baking ingredients
• Your entire junk drawer (every person has one)
• Extra vases and water bottles
• Office supplies
• Anything more than two sets of sheets per bed
• Old blankets or comforters
• Chargers, cords, and other miscellaneous electronics

Just Let It Go

If it doesn’t hold value or purpose, give you joy, or is useful, it becomes one of many things to throw out before moving. So just let it go and move on, literally.