4 Easy Tips for a Successful Moving Sale

4 Easy Tips for a Successful Moving Sale

One man’s junk is another’s man’s treasure. Holding a moving sale in your garage or yard is always a great way to eliminate unwanted items that can make you a little extra cash in your pocket. Plus, it helps the environment by keeping random junk out of landfills and to be reused instead.

Doing a moving sale the right way is what makes all the difference. Whether you’re moving into a home or just simply looking to get rid of your things, here are Champion Mover’s four easy tips to make your moving sale a success.

4 Easy Tips for a Successful Moving Sale

1. Advertise your moving sale

Advertise, advertise, advertise! Let people know when and where you’re holding your garage sale. Take several pics of your unwanted stuff as a preview for craigslist ads, Facebook Marketplace, or other social platforms to let everyone know that you’re holding a sale and what type of items you’ll get rid of.

It helps to hold your sale on the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) and try avoiding holidays, too. Be sure to hang up signs in your area to help people find your sale easily.

2. Get others involved

Invite your family and friends to help out with your sale. You can also offer them to sell unwanted things, as a bigger sale attracts even more customers. Moving sales is much more fun with the people you love! Plus, time flies by when you’re having fun.

3. Sort and organize your items

Once you’ve decided which items you want to sell, do your best to make these items presentable and ready to sell. When organizing your items in your sale, try sorting them in a department store style.

Keep all kitchenware in one area, clothing on its own, tools together, etc. That way, people looking for specific things can be pointed to one area to rummage through. And although negotiation is given, it helps to put a price tag just in case your sale gets busy.

4. Prepare to do business

Along with organizing your things for sale, you need to be prepared for business as well. Be sure to keep a calculator on hand and a cash box with plenty of change with both big and small bills ready. Along with reasonable and open negotiation, you could even offer a bulk discount if a customer wants to buy lots of your items.