How to Choose the Perfect Movers for Your Move

How to Choose the Perfect Movers for Your Move

Sometimes we can’t do all the heavy lifting on a moving day, especially if you have a big home to move into! That’s where professional movers come in to help to make the moving day a lot less stressful and smooth. Professional moving companies simply help with moving, which entails packing, moving, transportation, and even assembly services. Making sure the moving company you hire is an absolute key. You are entrusting your belongings and valuables to strangers! Here are five tips to consider when searching for the perfect movers.

5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Moving Company

1. Research and reviews

Take your time when researching moving companies you want to hire. Ask for referrals and check their reviews! Remember, these companies will handle your property, so you must ensure they are reliable, honest, and professional. It’s also important to remember that if you’re moving to a different state, you should ask for the company’s US DOT number and MC number to verify that they are legally transporting household goods.

2. Get multiple quotes

You should always schedule walk-throughs when in the process of getting quotes and estimates. You should also get the paperwork in writing for your reference. This is your chance to get a feel of the company you’ll be working with. A good estimator will ask you the proper questions concerning your move!

3. Never pay a large deposit

Avoid the mistake of paying a large deposit upfront. If the moving company demands a huge deposit, this should raise a red flag! Usually, moving companies will ask for payment on the delivery day. The last thing you want is to get scammed!

4. Beware of extra/hidden fees

There are so many factors that could cause a moving company to tack on those hidden fees. This is why doing quick walk-throughs is so very important! Once you get your estimates in writing, ask questions about any extra fees.

5. Ask the right questions

Is the moving company insured and licensed? What do their rates include? Do they have any special policies to be aware of? Asking the proper questions to your moving company makes sure you are comfortable with hiring them for the move-in day. We at Champion Movers always recommend planning to ask a list of important questions so you can be sure they are the perfect movers!