6 Ways to Prepare for Moving Day

6 Ways to Prepare for Moving Day

Let the moving begin…The big day has finally arrived, which can be a bittersweet feeling. Moving homes is a huge step that awaits a new chapter in your life, and it’s completely normal to be overwhelmed with different feelings. But being prepared makes all the difference regarding the long-awaited moving day. With the right attitude and Champion Mover’s six tips, you can tackle your moving day with ease.

6 Ways to Prepare for Moving Day

1. Pack Your Essentials and Valuables Separately

It would be a good idea to pack an overnight bag of extra clothing, toiletries, and your essentials. Considering you might not be able to unpack right away, this serves as a great convenience for you to have access to when you get to your new place. You should also pack your valuables separately and have them travel with you personally to give you peace of mind.

2. Keep Important Documents Together

To prevent yourself from being unorganized on a moving day, keep a folder of important documents together for easy access. This includes your moving checklist, moving inventory, and other moving-related contracts. If you have moving accommodations like a flight or hotel reservation, it helps to have tickets and confirmation papers handy too.

3. Plan for Snacks and Drinks

Though this is optional, it keeps everyone happy to have snacks and drinks on hand during a busy move. You can even offer your movers to feel free to help themselves. It can be a hectic day, and having food and beverages handy will ease the mood when taking small breaks in between. Choose easy, accessible snacks like energy bars, fresh fruit, and bottled water.

4. Be Sure Everything Is Good to Go

Before the moving trucks arrive that day, be sure everything is boxed up and ready to go. If needed, disassemble furniture and unplug bigger home appliances like your washer and refrigerator that needs to be moved. Be sure to label boxes correctly and let your movers know if there are any items or boxes that need extra care.

5. Do a Final Walk-Through

Once everything is packed in their vehicles, take the time to do a final walkthrough of your entire home to make sure nothing is left behind. If needed, be sure to leave your home thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

6. Relax, Relax, Relax!

Although it’s easier said than done, try to keep your cool as much as possible. It’s common to have many emotions running through your head, and your checklist of things may seem never-ending, but if it helps, take a step back and savor this moment.

You should be proud of yourself for making it this far and be happy to venture into this exciting journey to your new home.