6 Tips for Moving In With a Significant Other

6 Tips for Moving In With a Significant Other

Is it possible to prepare for cohabitation with your significant other? For those who have lived with another, the answer may be a hard-learned “YES.” And for others who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing domestic partnership, well, preparation sure wouldn’t hurt anything. Love is anything but one-size-fits-all, and while the idea of moving in together is always something that is generally approached with blind optimism, there are things we can all still learn and prepare for.

6 Things to Consider When Moving in With Your Significant Other

Before you decide to move in with a significant other, ask yourself some questions to help decide if it’s the right decision for you, regardless of the influence of anyone else. You shouldn’t move in with anyone just because it seems like the next logical step. Sharing a lease, a dog, or a bed are precursor to future happiness, not ties that complicate a breakup. Here are 6 tips from Champion Movers for moving in with a significant other.

1. Keep An Open Mind

Even if you’ve been dating for years, when moving in with someone, you learn new mannerisms and disgusting habits and witness embarrassing or vulnerable moments. Keep an open mind during this phase of constant discovery, and remember that your significant other is learning just as much about you, too.

2. Be Honest About Your Finances

Money can become a relationship wedge, especially when you’re sharing expenses. You have to be able to trust your significant other and yourself with your finances. Otherwise, a pattern of anger and resentment over money could quickly develop.

3. Schedule Time Together And Apart

When you’re learning to coexist and already spend a lot of new time together, it’s important that you plan on spending quality time together. This means putting the phone down, keeping distractions to a minimum, and attention focused on each other. Adversely, it’s equally important to plan to spend time alone and away from each other, too. It’s healthy to practice independence and schedule individual free time.

4. Take Turns Deciding On Dinner

The joke is that a woman can never decide what she wants to eat. The funny part about that is when it comes to making dinner at home. Men are just as guilty. Share the responsibility and the decision by taking turns on deciding what to eat together.

5. Divide The Chores

You don’t need a child’s chore chart, but housework should definitely be split up accordingly. Whatever it boils down to, you must consider making the other person feel valued.

6. Have A Backup Plan

You want to be positive, and we aren’t saying that it’s not going to work — but let’s be honest: it might not work. Before signing the lease, save up some cash ahead of time (in the event of a sudden split) and be clear about who would have to move out due to a breakup.

In Conclusion

Moving in with your significant other really is a big deal. Sharing space with the one you really care for can be stressful. Normally both people come to the table with their own set of cohabitation ideas and expectations. And while domestic bliss is certainly possible with many couples having no problem, this is one love-focused situation where you shouldn’t let your heart do all the deciding. Now you won’t have to with these tips for moving in with a significant other.