Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities

Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities

If you are unhappy with your monthly utility bills, there are several easy, pain-free ways to save money on utilities. Champion Mover’s suggestions are meant to involve no sacrifice of comfort or convenience on your part, just a little thoughtful remembering and change of habit.

Switch to LED (or CFL)

This is one of the easiest ways to achieve consistent and long-term savings. Yes, LEDs cost more upfront than regular bulbs, but they absolutely make it up for it in the long run. Not only do they use a fraction of the energy of regular incandescent or halogen lamps, they last much, much longer too. Not to mention that their significantly lower wattage also means they put out less heat into the area being lit.

This may not be a factor you notice much (since most light fixtures aren’t beaming hot from a distance), but it does add up. CFLs are a good substitute for efficiency, but be careful when handling them, as they are filled with many toxic substances that can be hazardous if the bulb is broken or dropped.

Adjust the Thermostat When You Are Not Home

This one is very simple and just takes a little remembering. If no one is home and you don’t have temperature-sensitive pets left inside, consider raising the thermostat in the summer or reducing it in the winter months to put a considerable dent in your year-round electric bill.

Insulate Your Doors

This one seems so obvious, and yet so few people do it! Inspect your front door frames or garage door; if there is no insulation or gaps, consider adding some. Many options are available, from draft blockers that go under the door (also called door sweeps). To the insulation that goes along the frame of your door.

If you have not done this, it might be the single most effective means of saving electricity usage and money you can do with no sacrifice of comfort. And it is pretty easy to boot.

Air-Dry Everything – Dishes, Clothes, Hair

Anytime you can air dry something, consider doing so. Clothes dryers, hairdryers, dishwasher drying cycles — they’re all super intensive on the electricity bill. This may or may not work for you, depending on your circumstances. But in an arid region like Vegas, it won’t take long to dry anything the old-fashioned way.

Wash Clothes on a Cold Setting

And lastly, washing your clothes on cold. If it’s just a simple wash after, it is a really simple way to save big on your utility bill. And there you have it, Champion Mover’s few easy and painless ways to save money on utilities.