6 Tips for Moving in the Fall

6 Tips For Moving In The Fall

There are some real benefits to moving homes in the fall. For starters, you miss the rush of families hurrying to move before the new school year begins so that they can settle down in time. Additionally, missing this rush means that you also miss the high costs associated with peak seasons. At Champion Movers, we believe in making your move as easy and painless as possible, so we’ve come up with a few tips for moving in the fall.

#1 Negotiate moving costs

As we mentioned, missing the peak moving season means that you have a little more leverage when it comes to negotiating lower costs. There will surely be more crews and trucks available to help you move, so compare some rates and shop around for the best moving costs and policies.

#2 Declutter summer items

Dedicating some time to decluttering can make your move easier and quicker. Consider donating or throwing out seasonal summer items that you may not use. There is no reason to hang on to or pack away items that you will just end up throwing away anyway.

#3 Pack wisely

You can make moving in the Fall easy by planning a little before you start packing. Separate the essential items that you’ll use daily in the lead up to your move and that you will need immediately when you arrive.

#4 Plan ahead for shorter days and cooler weather

Remember that while moving in the fall comes with lower costs, it also comes with cooler weather and shorter days. This means that you should plan accordingly and keep some warm clothes out for the move. You may also want to consider planning your move for the morning you aren’t limited by shorter days and colder evenings. Remember that once your professional movers take your belongings to your new home, you may have to go a few days without them.

#5 Keep your new home clean

Prepare your new home for your arrival by laying out some plastic, cardboard, or mats around your home to help keep any dirt or leaves from being tracked into your home, especially in places where it is raining. The last thing you want to do is ruin your new carpet before you’ve even moved in. You may also want to keep a broom on hand to clear the driveway of any leaves or debris that has fallen.

#6 Consider using a storage unit to make your Fall move easier

Finally, consider keeping bulky, seasonal items in a storage unit if you think you may not need them. You can use your move as an excuse to pack everything away at the same time for a more efficient and decluttered move.