How To Decide Where To Move in Las Vegas

How To Decide Where To Move in Las Vegas

At Champion Movers, we have been helping residents of Southern Nevada find better ways to move around the city. We’ve helped countless families relocate with our quality packing and moving services regardless of where they move to, in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas! Choosing the best part of Las Vegas to move to can be challenging, but we’re to help by addressing some of the things that you should keep in mind when you decide where to move in Las Vegas.

Choose a Part of Town Where You Want To Live and Work

Finding the perfect place to move in the Las Vegas Valley can be challenging because every part of Southern Nevada offers something unique. The three main cities of the valley are Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. These often get lumped together because of the proximity, but they are quite different. There are quite a few factors that you should consider when making the decision on where to move in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Factors To Consider:

Cost of Living and the Housing Market

Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas often get lumped together because of proximity and the seamlessness of the shared cultures of the cities. Despite this, the cost of living can vary dramatically depending on where you are. More newly developed areas like the southwest part of the Valley or Anthem in Henderson will be more expensive than some of the more established neighborhoods. The trade-off of course is that you are giving up proximity and affordability for newer housing developments.

Quality of Nearby Schools

If you have children, then you will certainly be concerned about the quality of the public schools in the area of Las Vegas that you are moving to. While there are quality schools all around the Valley, some public schools offer special education and magnet programs that focus on STEM and other fields. You can find a list of schools and detailed information about them on the Clark County School District website.

How Much Yard Space Do You Want

Deciding where to move to Southern Nevada is tricky because there are pros and cons everywhere. The same is true for the amount of square footage that homes have in the front and backyards. While older housing communities and those sprawled out into the desert have large yards, many new housing developments are building up rather than out. This is an important thing to consider because it may mean that you choose to move to older neighborhoods rather than new housing developments.

How Long Your Commute Will Be

Finally, the Las Vegas area may be small compared to larger cities like those in Southern California, but your morning commute is still something to consider. If your job is in Henderson, you won’t want to move to the far West side of the valley.

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