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Your Prefered Las Vegas Moving Company

Champion Movers has been proudly serving Las Vegas and the surrounding community with honesty, professionalism, and commitment to delivering the highest quality work that you’ve come to expect. Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team is committed to making your move as easy as possible by providing an A-to-Z moving service in Las Vegas that covers every aspect of your move, from packing to the final installation. We’re more than moving experts, we’re your neighborhood moving company, and we’re here to help. Contact our team today to see why we’re the best moving company in Las Vegas.

Moving companies Las Vegas

Stress-Free Moving Anywhere in Las Vegas

Planning a big move can be a stressful headache that requires months and months of planning, coordinating, and execution. But what if we told you that moving could be a stress-free experience when you hire the moving professionals at Champion Movers? With years of experience, we specialize in creating a one-stop shop for all your moving needs, from packing services to transportation, storage, installation, and everything in between. With Champion Movers, you’ll never have to worry about a thing during your Las Vegas move. Champion Movers is committed to providing you with the highest customer satisfaction. Ask us how we can help you today.

Las Vegas Moving Services

Are you planning to move around the Las Vegas Valley? From Henderson to Summerlin and Southern Highlands, we’re ready to help you move wherever you go! As a Las Vegas moving company, we’ve helped thousands of families move around the city, providing them with everything that they need to make their move. Whether you’re moving locally, moving your commercial building, or need specialized moving services. We have you covered.  Here are some of our most popular Las Vegas moving services:


Local Moving

When you work with a local Las Vegas moving company like Champion Movers, you save time and money when moving your belongings and furniture to your new home. With a large fleet of moving trucks, specialized moving equipment, and a wide array of service options, we have everything that you will need for your local move. With Champion Movers, packing and moving your entire home is a breeze that will save you time and money.

Commercial Moving

Finding a reputable, professional, commercial moving company in Las Vegas requires finding a moving company that is licensed, insured, and professionally managed. We provide commercial moving services in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and the surrounding areas of the Las Vegas Valley. We have the experience and qualifications to provide your business with professional commercial moving services. We are licensed, insured and can handle commercial moves of any size or distance.

Long Distance Moving

Long-distance moving can be a monumental task. It can feel overwhelming and impossible, especially when if it’s one of your first times moving and you don’t know where to start! That’s why we’re committed to providing you with all of the moving services that you need to have a successful long-distance move anywhere in the USA! When you choose Champion Movers, you are working with professionals who have years of experience in the moving industry and can ensure that you and all of your items are moved safely and on schedule.

Storage Service

There will always come a time when you have more stuff in your home than you do space. This never becomes more apparent than when you finally start packing your home for a move. When this happens, you may decide you don’t want to take everything with you. That’s when it’s time to look for an affordable storage service. With Champion Movers, you can safely store your belongings, knowing they are protected until you need them! Let us be more than your packing and moving specialists, allow us to stow your belongings away, whether big or small.

Moving Insurance

When you work with a professional moving company, you are entrusting us with your personal belongings, so you want to be sure that you are covered in the event of loss or damage. Moving insurance will allow you to document the maximum value of your belongings is to set a liability limit in the case of an accident where your belongings are damaged. With Champion Movers, you can protect your belongings against loss or damage under Released Rates Orders of the Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Moving companies Las Vegas


Personal Service for Senior Moves

Are you a senior citizen that needs specialized moving services? Champion Movers has you covered. With our service for senior moves, we provide you with a fully inclusive moving service that covers you from the packing process, the loading and transportation of your belongings, and the final unloading, assembly, and installation service. Caring for our senior community is important to us, so we’ve created this service specifically for creating this personal moving service.

Furniture Set up & Assembly

Just when you thought that moving couldn’t get any easier with Champion Movers, Furniture Set-Up and Assembly services are available for all moving services. Champion Movers has experience disassembling and reassembling large furniture pieces that need to be taken apart for transportation. We can do all the heavy lifting required to move your belongings into your home and set them up where you want them so that you never have to lift a finger!

Material & Waste Disposal

Champion Movers can help you remove and dispose of any furniture, appliances, and non-hazardous waste with our Material and Waste Disposal Service. Whether you are moving into a new property or moving out of an old home with many years of built-up items that need to be disposed of properly, we’re here to help. We offer material and waste disposal services throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and around Las Vegas Valley.

Packing Services

We offer professional packing services all across Las Vegas! Packing can require some extra hands on deck, plenty of packing materials, and a moving professional team that is ready to help! Champion Movers provides all that and more. We’ll help you gather and safely pack all of your belongings before loading them up in the moving truck to help you save time!