Packing Hacks: 5 Things To Lose When Moving

Packing Hacks- 5 Things To Lose When Moving

Packing your home for a big move can be confusing when it comes time to pack what’s coming with you and what’s staying behind! This can become an issue when you decide to take everything with you, and before you know it, you’re knee-deep in old stuff that you never even use! While the movers at Champion Movers can help you pack and move to your new home, first, you must decide what our team of movers should help you take! If you’re having trouble deciding what to lose when moving, read this list of useful hacks that will help you decide what items to leave.

Think Practically When Packing

First things first, when you start packing, you will want to think practically to avoid taking things that you don’t want or need! A few things to keep in mind are those that will help you sell the home, like leaving behind fixtures and appliances. Generally speaking, when you sell your home, the buyers may want to purchase the home along with all of the appliances and fixtures so that they can just move right in. So if somebody wants to pay you for those kinds of things, then you should include them in the contract when you sell the home!

1. Appliances

It’s up to you whether or not you want to leave the appliances with the house when you move. One thing to consider is that a house with appliances will sell faster. Moving bulky items with you may also cost you more with your moving company. Again though, this is your choice! If you just bought new appliances, then you should take them with you.

2. Age

Is it time for a new couch or a new bed? When considering which things to lose when moving, consider the age of your current belongings. You might be better off listing your old stuff on an online marketplace and seeing if anyone else will give it new life so you can save yourself the time and money to haul it to your new house.

3. Bulk

As we mentioned, with the appliances, bulky items may be a hassle to move. If something is too large and you don’t know if you have a good use for it, you should probably list it with the property or online! Having a garage sale is also a good way to get rid of bulky appliances and furniture.

4. Is it expired?

When it comes time to pack up your kitchen, you may not want to take everything that you find in the pantry with you. It’s pretty easy to overlook expired (or nearly expired) items in your kitchen. It’s probably best to start fresh with your new pantry to cut down on the amount of stuff that you are packing so that you can use your new pantry’s space more efficiently.

5. Safety

Finally, when considering what things to lose when moving, consider safety. There are a lot of items that you can’t pack and move with a professional moving company, such as batteries and cleaning supplies. Additionally, anything that poses a flammable risk should be left behind. If you have any doubts, your moving company should have a list of items not allowed to be transported with them.