10 Tips On Having A Garage Sale

Tips On Having A Garage Sale

If you think throwing a garage sale is a thing of the past, think again! People are making an absolute killing these days by getting rid of unwanted and unused household items. Make some extra cash for that vacation you have been saving up for, and finally, get rid of the clutter that is consuming your garage. With a little creativity and some great marketing tips from Champion Movers, you can have a sold-out garage sale or yard sale in no time.

Champion Mover’s Garage Sale Tips

1. Clean out what you don’t need

Take some time to go through your home and put aside the items that are not being used. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in the past year, it might be time to say goodbye. Remember, your trash might be another’s treasure. Someone might go crazy for an item you think is absolute garbage hence why you should be giving everything a shot at being sold during your garage sale.

2. Organization

Making it easy for people to shop around is essential when it comes to having a successful garage sale. Setting tables with different labels is a great way to organize your items. Cluster similar items such as books, clothes, and electronics. Another great way to show some organization is by dusting off any older items and wiping down things that have not been used in a while. This shows the buyer that you care about your stuff, and they should too.

3. Price everything

Remove the awkwardness of explaining how much each item is by labeling the price on every item. This might get tedious, but it definitely pays off in the long run – pun intended.

4. Visible outlets

When selling electronics, it is easy to let a person know that the item works. However, how cool would it be to show the person that the item works? Having an outlet close by allows for everyone to test out the electronics and make sure they work. That said, make sure all of your electronics work before trying to sell.

5. Signs

Make some signs that people can read quickly with the necessary information. Where and when is a good start, and if you’re willing to throw some lemonade in the mix, announce that too. Have people follow arrows for better directions or provide your address if you’re open to disclosing that information.

6. Location

If you feel that your home is not an ideal location for a garage sale, then suggest partnering with a friend or family member and doing it elsewhere. The workload will be split, and you might feel safer in a new location.

7. Plan a few months ahead

Planning is key when throwing a garage sale. Give yourself ample time to buy supplies, price your items, sort and organize, clean out what you don’t need, examine your items, and check if you need a permit.

8. Have change on hand

The last thing you want to happen on the day of is losing a sale because you do not have spare change. Before the garage sale has even begun, make sure you have some small bills to make the change.

9. Position your items

Locate your better quality items closer to the street for people to see first thing when arriving at your garage sale. Be sure to keep everything organized, clean, and well-labeled.

10. Have a plan for unsold items

Instead of throwing all of your unsold items (assuming you have some) back into your home, have a plan on what you will do after the garage sale is over. Craigslist, eBay, Letgo, and Offer Up are great places to sell items. You will be surprised to see how much you can make on these sites. For clothing, shoes, and accessories, check out Poshmark and thredUp.