How Much Notice Does a Moving Company Need?

How Much Notice Does a Moving Company Need?

The amount of notice you need to give depends on the season and the moving company. The amount of notice you give depends on the following:

  • The time of year you are moving. If you’re moving during the peak summer months, it’s best to reserve your movers at least eight weeks in advance. Summer is prime time for moving companies, so getting a reservation on short notice is difficult. Between September and March, however, most moving companies don’t need as much advanced notice.
  • The day of the week you are moving. Weekend moves are typically full months in advance, but mid-week moves can sometimes be taken with just a few days’ notice—especially during the off-season (i.e., not July and August).
  • The size of your move. If you’re moving a three-bedroom house packed to the brim with furniture or other bulky items, your movers will likely want several weeks’ notice. Still, if you only have a few boxes or some pieces of furniture to move, then many small movers will only need about two days’ notice.

Give yourself the most time between making a reservation and the day of your move.

You have more time to plan your move.

By giving yourself the most time between making a reservation and the day of your move, you can give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the big day. The more advanced notice you give, the easier it is to find packing materials and gather other supplies, like wardrobe boxes and tape. You also have more time to pack everything individually or label boxes by room. If you’re moving into a new home, it’s also helpful to ensure all utilities are set up before the moving date.

More options for choosing a moving company

When you call in advance, there will be more available options about your preferred move date. Many people plan their moves on Friday afternoons so they can start fresh in their new homes over the weekend. Because of this, Fridays are typically booked very quickly by movers and need as much advanced notice as possible.

Booking with a mover at least 10 weeks out can save you money.

A lot of people think that booking with a mover last minute can save them money. But the opposite is true! Booking early—at least 10 weeks in advance, if possible—can help secure your preferred moving day and lower prices. When you book early, your mover’s scheduling department can place you in the most convenient slot on their calendar, which leads to a better experience for both parties.

When you hire movers far in advance, it also allows you to make all the other necessary preparations: arrange transportation for cars and pets, set up utilities at your new place, and get everything ready so that you can focus on enjoying your move (or at least survive it).

The best way to ensure the early booking is to plan for your move.

When you are planning your move, you can start looking for a mover as soon as you know when you’re going to move. The earlier you book your move, the better the chances of getting your preferred moving date. Some companies may even offer discounts for booking far in advance.

So how many days’ notice should you give your moving company? At least three weeks, but preferably longer. If possible, aim to give at least two months’ notice to ensure that your desired moving date is available and that the moving company can schedule enough staff and equipment for your move.

You can book your move early but move later if necessary.

Whether you’re in a hectic time at work or your workload will increase soon, it’s often helpful to book your move as far ahead of time as possible. You can reserve your dates without committing, so if things change and you need to move earlier or later than expected, you’ll be able to do so easily.

All you’ll have to do is simply give us a call, and we’ll help you adjust your date. If there are no trucks available on the day that works best for you, we will put you on standby so that if any new dates open up, we’ll let you know right away.

Give as much notice as possible to get a better price and choose a preferred moving day.

If you want to get the best price for your move, it’s best to book as early as possible, at least eight weeks in advance. If you can, call 10-12 weeks before moving day for the most competitive rates. Calling later than that can result in higher prices and significantly less flexibility with moving dates, so plan! Another benefit of booking early is that movers offer discounts to those who book earlier. You can budget how much you will spend on your move while receiving a discounted price!

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