Do Moving Companies Have Insurance?

Do Moving Companies Have Insurance

Moving is stressful and expensive. You don’t want your belongings damaged or lost. When you hire a professional moving company, it can be a bit anxiety-filled. No one wants their belongings to be broken or destroyed when they reach their destination during a move. So the question of, do moving companies have insurance? This is a good question; this blog will answer and give some information regarding insurance!

What Is Moving Insurance?

Moving companies often offer some version of moving insurance. Moving insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the cost of replacing your belongings if they are damaged or lost during the move. This kind of insurance is purchased before your move. The most common type of moving insurance is reimbursement coverage, which pays for any items that were damaged or lost during transit. Additional coverage may be available for some kinds of things, such as artwork and antiques.

How Much Moving Insurance Do You Need?

This really varies from person to person and situation to situation. The amount of moving services coverage you need depends on how much stuff you’re moving, how far it’s going, and what type of goods they are. We recommend contacting your local agent to get an estimate before booking a move with a professional mover.

If you’re moving within the state or just across town, chances are that your belongings will be covered by your homeowner’s policy or renter’s policy. However, if you’re moving long-distance or internationally, you may need additional coverage from an insurance agency specializing in these moves.

What Are Different Types Of Coverage?

There are a few different types of moving insurance. There is general liability insurance. This kind of insurance covers property damage and bodily injury caused by an employee or contractor of the moving company or its subcontractor. For example, if an employee damages someone’s property during a move, general liability would cover that cost. General liability is also used to cover claims against the company itself, such as if someone slips and falls on the sidewalk outside of your home while they’re packing up your belongings.

There is also transportation insurance which means that if one of your belongings is damaged while being transported to your destination, it is covered by insurance. Comprehensive insurance pays for damage or loss to your belongings due to fire, theft, or other covered events. Liability coverage pays for damage or injury to others caused by the moving company’s negligence. It also covers damage to a third party’s property.

It’s important to know that liability insurance is mainly used for interstate moves and is required by federal law to be available to anyone moving.

What Do I Do If My Moving Company Doesn’t Have Insurance?

In general, moving companies that don’t have proper insurance coverage will not be allowed to operate. However, there are several types of insurance that movers can carry, and many of them are not required by law.

If a moving company does not have insurance, it’s best not to use them for your move. These companies may be at risk of going out of business. If anything is damaged or lost, you’re stuck covering the costs of what you did not break or misplace. Moving insurance keeps everything safe while moving your belongings.

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