Tips For Long Distance Moving

Tips For Long Distance Moving

The country is in a hot real estate market right now. Since home buying is on the rise, so is the number of people moving houses. Although moving day is a lot of work, it shouldn’t leave you overly stressed. We’ll be breaking down some important tips for long-distance moving.

Long-Distance Moving Advice

Out of all the tips for long-distance moving, the most important advice is to stay prepared. Give yourself enough time to move your belongings from one place to another safely. Also, remember to get a moving truck that can move all of your belongings in as few trips as possible. This will save you money and time in the long run. Having the right truck and enough time to move will give you fewer headaches. Less stress during the moving day means an efficient moving day. Lastly, remember to have a dolly, moving blankets, saran wrap, and cargo straps for extra utilities needed for moving day.

Only Take The Necessities

When it comes to major tips for long-distance moving, then remember to only bring the necessities. Meaning, don’t feel the need to take everything from your old household to your new home. Consider donating or selling your old belongings to cover any costs that come with moving. Not having many items to haul can also save you time and money. Having fewer belongings means a smaller truck to haul your things, which can be cheaper. Also, fewer items mean a quicker moving day. Having a less cluttered truck also comes with fewer accidents. The last thing anyone wants is for your belongings to get damaged during transportation on a moving day.

Strap Heavy Objects Down

One of the many tips for long-distance moving is to strap down any heavy objects you have in the truck. If the moving truck has cargo rails equipped, then place the heavy object against the truck bed wall. Then, tie or strap down the heavy object to prevent it from falling during a turn. Be sure to ask the moving company you’re renting the truck from if the truck is equipped with any tools. Having any extra tools can help you during moving days. Also, remember to first place any large or heavy items first in the truck. The last thing you want is to have a full truck and not have enough room for the bigger belongings.

Wrap Fragile Items

Any electronics, glass, or fragile items need to be handled with care, especially during long-distance moving. The best way to prevent any damage from happening is to wrap the fragile items. Use newspapers to wrap any glass bottles and china dinnerware. After you’ve wrapped the fragile items with newspapers, then use moving saran wrap or bubble wrap for that last piece of security. For any electronics, use bubble wrap or industrial saran wrap on the screen to prevent scratches. Place any computers in a box and then add bubble wrap inside the box to help protect it.

Organize & Label Your Belongings

The last tip for long-distance moving is to organize & label your belongings. Plan out your trip on how long you think your move will take. Remember, give yourself enough time to prevent any unnecessary stress and headaches. On the other hand, label every box placed on the truck. Having every box labeled on all sides will visually tell you which box goes where inside the new home. This will prevent any wasted energy from having to put down a box and see its contents to determine where the box goes. Less energy wasted means you’ll be able to work on the rest of the moving day efficiently.