6 Tips on Moving in with Friends

6 Tips on Moving in with Friends

Whether you are helping a friend move or moving in with friends, there are a few things to follow to make the transition go off without a hitch. Remember that any move can be stressful, so giving yourself enough time and focusing on the positive will make this transition trouble-free. On the contrary, if you are moving with a friend, then it is most likely with someone you love and trust. With that in mind, try to make this a fun and memorable experience that you will look back on and smile.

1. Talk it out

Communication is key when moving with your friends. Hate to break it to you, but your friends cannot read your mind. If you do not speak up, how will they know what is on your mind? Make sure to have open lines of communication when moving, even when it feels uncomfortable. Speak up now, and you will not feel disappointed in yourself when you agonize over that awkward encounter.

2. Set some ground rules

Three months from now, you will regret not speaking up when your friend has harbored a fugitive without telling you. It sounds shocking and unimaginable, but you would be surprised to hear how many people invite friends to live with them without warning. Set some ground rules with your friends to question what is acceptable and what is not.

3. Chores and house rules

Discuss cleaning habits before moving to avoid the awkward “who’s turn is it to do the dishes” conversation. Set a schedule or daily reminders to take responsibility for your chores. If your friends have discussed house rules, follow them to avoid any problems.

4. Money conversations

Money can be a difficult topic for most, but when you have decided to make the move with a friend, it is an important conversation to have. Before making the move with friends, discuss what you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. Determining what you will do when one party is facing financial difficulty is also a topic to discuss. Lay everything out on the table prior to moving, and be very upfront with how much you are willing to invest in this move.

5. Living Habits and shared space

The kitchen and living room will most likely be a shared living environment. Not only will you want to keep your friends happy by keeping the areas clean, but both parties should take inventory of their belongings in these spaces. Note the condition and value of your belongings. Likewise, you will want to be sure your items fit in the shared space and go well with the layout of your new home.

6. Decorate together

The best way for you and your friends to feel like it is an equal playing field is to decorate together. Discuss your design aesthetic and non-negotiable before the move, and be open to compromise. Above all, Champion Mover’s recommends having fun with your friends and making them feel at home.