How to Move Sustainably

How to Move Sustainably

When it comes to sustainable living, every little bit counts! That’s especially true when it comes to moving homes! Moving homes is a task that is generally pretty wasteful when you consider all of the boxes and packing peanuts that never get reused. Not only is this waste bad for the environment, but having to repurchase moving supplies every time you move will quickly add up. Luckily, there are easy ways to help you move sustainably! Try these simple tips from Champion Movers that will make your next move more sustainable.

Reduce Your Load

When you’re looking to make your move more sustainable, you have to look at all aspects of the move from how many boxes and packing peanuts you will need to how much fuel you will use transporting your belongings. To move sustainably you will need to cut down on all of those aspects.

Reducing the number of boxes that you pack up will minimize the number of cardboard boxes that you will use as well as lighten the load that your moving truck will have to haul.

Give Old Items a New Life

One way that you can reduce the number of items that you pack and take with you is by giving old items a new life with someone who will appreciate it! If you have old clothing, furniture, or decorations that you don’t really use (all of those items that you once needed but now just sit in a box in the garage) consider donating them or hosting a yard sale!

This is a great way to clear up space in your moving truck while not letting anything go to waste.

Pack With Sustainable Containers

Another great way that you can make moving sustainable is by using packing containers that you can use and reuse as many times as needed. This could be large plastic containers for storage. The kind that you can find at any department store like Home Depot or Walmart.

Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Repurposing materials and giving old items new life also applies to reuse moving boxes. If you have leftover boxes from a previous move it’s really easy to fold them up and save them up for your next move.

You can even give them to friends when they make their moves. This will cut down on the need to keep producing cardboard boxes.

Choose the Most Direct Route When Moving

Finally, once you’re all packed up and ready to move, you want to make sure that you plan the most direct route to your destination. Moving trucks are large and burn a lot of fuel as well as releasing a lot of smog into the air. So plan the route with the shortest drive in order to make your move more sustainable.