How To Prepare For Professional Movers

How to prepare for professional movers

Moving is one of the most stressful life events. But it can be even more stressful if you’re not prepared. Most people have moved at least once in their lifetime, yet everyone always asks how to prepare for a professional moving company to get there. While there isn’t an exact science to preparing, several helpful tips exist. Let’s explore how to prepare for professional movers.

Pro Tips To Prepare For Professional Movers

The first tip anyone should receive is to start planning early. You do not want to be preparing for movers at the last possible moment. Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness of moving. You want to make sure you list what you need to pack. That way, you can check things off as you go. Not only is this a helpful way to stay organized, but it gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that, little by little, you’re getting prepared to move without incident.

Everything that needs to be packed should be pulled out of drawers, closets, and cabinets. Your movers will be able to pack up the more oversized items. However, it is beneficial to pack up as many smaller items as possible for your professional movers.

Pack early! You want to make sure your valuables are packed. It’s better to transport your valuables so nothing gets misplaced—anything you don’t need before your move, pack in one space.

Label All Boxes With Their Contents

Use color-coded stickers or markers on boxes to track what’s inside during a long-distance move. If you’re worried about labels rubbing off, use packing tape on top of them. If you want to organize, you can put your information into a spreadsheet to know precisely what is in each box. This is especially useful if you need multiple moving trucks.

Write the truck’s license number next to the box number on your spreadsheet so you know which truck the box was put in.

All Heavy Items At The Bottom Of the Box

Heavy items should always be placed on the bottom of boxes. Doing this will ensure they are not crushed in transit and keep them from being thrown inside the truck. Also, place heavier items in heavier boxes so they don’t shift around as much during transport.

You never want to put heavy items at the top of a moving box when preparing for professional movers. But on the other hand, putting heavy items on the bottom of the box helps the movers when they come to pack the boxes up. Plus, you don’t want your lighter items to be crushed by your heavier items.

Putting all the heavy items on the bottom also means you must ensure the bases are secure so nothing falls out of the bottom of the box. What helps to protect your items is moving insurance. This covers a certain amount of damage to your belongings if things break.

Now Is Your Chance To Start Fresh

Moving into a new home is exciting because you get to start fresh. Maybe you’re moving into a bigger space, or you’re downsizing after having kids or retiring. Either way, this is an opportunity to start over with your decorating style and make it exactly how you want it.

You can create a home that reflects who you are and what you want from life. You are not required to take everything from your current home to your new home. Professional movers can answer questions about the moving process. If you don’t want to take everything, your movers can tell you what previous clients have left behind. The answers your movers give you can help you decide what to take and what needs to be moved versus what can be left behind.