Read This Before Organizing Your Garage

Read This Before Organizing Your Garage

After moving to a new home, organizing your garage is often the last thing you want to do. If dealing with the chaos of tools, sports equipment, and more sounds exhausting, you’re not alone. The good news is that with a bit of planning and some handy tips, you can transform your new garage into an organized and functional space. Join us as we take a look at some key ways to make your garage your own again!

How To Organize A Messy Garage

How To Organize A Messy Garage
The first step to organizing your garage is to declutter. This means taking everything out of your garage, sorting it into piles (keep, donate, toss), and being ruthless about what you really need. Ask yourself: Have I used this in the last year since my move? If the answer is no, it might be time to part ways or invest in a storage service!

Once you’ve decluttered, categorize your belongings. Group similar items together, such as gardening tools, automotive supplies, sports equipment, and holiday decorations. This will help you determine the best storage solutions for each category.

Now comes the fun part – choosing the right storage solutions for your garage! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Peg Board Ideas For Your Garage

Peg Board Ideas For Your Garage
Pegboards are a fantastic way to keep your tools and small items organized! They’re versatile and can be customized to fit your needs.

Consider investing in peg boards when moving into a new space for easy access and storage. Rather than having to dig through half-unpacked boxes or deal with organizing drawers, simply hang hooks, shelves, and bins on the pegboard to store everything from hammers and screwdrivers to paintbrushes and extension cords and more!

How High Should Garage Shelves Be?

Garage shelves are essential for storing larger items and keeping your garage floor clear. The height of your shelves ultimately depends on what you plan to store.

For heavy or bulky items, such as car parts or storage bins, opt for sturdy, wall-mounted shelves. These can be installed at a height that suits your needs, typically around 16-24 inches from the ceiling.

For everyday items, like gardening supplies, go for waist-high or eye-level shelving. This makes it easy to access and keeps things visible and within reach!

Remember to always work carefully when installing shelves or moving heavy or bulky items! Put our moving safety tips into practice and protect yourself and your property.

How To Organize Lawn Tools In Garage

Lawn tools can quickly become a tangled mess if not organized properly. Consider these tips for tidying up your garden gear:

Install racks on the wall to hang shovels, rakes, and other long-handled tools. This keeps them off the floor and prevents them from falling over. You may also want to consider getting a garden tool organizer! These nifty organizers come with slots for various tools, making it easy to keep them sorted and accessible.

If you have the space, a separate shed for your garden tools is another excellent option. It keeps dirt and grime out of your garage and provides dedicated storage for your gardening gear!

To maintain your newly organized garage, label everything. Use clear bins for small items, label them with what’s inside, and place them on your shelves. Labeling helps you find things quickly and makes it easier to put them back in their designated spots or switch out seasonal items like winter coats or packed clothes.

Regular maintenance is key to organizing your garage. Take a few minutes each week to sweep the floor, wipe down surfaces, and put away any tools or equipment that you’ve used. This simple routine will prevent clutter from creeping back in!

After the effort of a move, organizing your garage may seem like a daunting task, but it’s entirely achievable with the right approach! Before you know it, you’ll have a garage that’s not only clean but also functional and a pleasure to use. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to transform your messy garage into an organized oasis!