Read This Before Organizing Your Garage

Read This Before Organizing Your Garage

At Champion Movers, we help thousands of happy families move into their new homes from the initial packing process to placing the final pieces of furniture in their new homes. But sometimes there are belongings that you just don’t have space for, so they end up in boxes in the garage. This can become a cluttered mess if you don’t have a plan for organizing your garage! Luckily, that’s why we’re here to help! With a little planning and preparation, you can organize your garage in no time at all.

Where to Start Organizing Your Garage

Before you can start stacking boxes and building storage shelves in your garage, you need to come up with a game plan. Understanding what needs to be done and how long it will take to get it accomplished are vital for making this project as quick and painless as possible.

First, set out an entire day for organizing the garage when the whole family and even some friends can get all hands on deck! When you make decluttering a family project, you set yourself up for finishing in a single day.

And lastly, for this point, make it a point to go through every single unpacked box. You never know what belongings are worth keeping and which are worth getting rid of unless you go through everything.

Items That You Should Not Store in Your Garage

Organizing your garage can be a challenge when it is the default storage space for anything that doesn’t really have a designated spot in your home. But storing some [potentially dangerous] items in your garage may pose a risk to the safety and wellbeing of your family.

Avoid if at all possible from storing the following items in your garage:

• Paint
• Propane
• Paper goods (rats love paper), and
• Pet food

These items are either dangerous, flammable, or will attract pests and rodents.

Draw up a Floor Plan for Your Garage

Organization shelves, cabinets, and pegboard walls can be incredible space savers when it comes to organizing your garage, but before you start assembling them, you will want to come up with a game plan. Floor plans are great ways to make the mistakes on paper before you assemble a large shelf only to find that it doesn’t fit!

Planning will also allow you to store items that belong together right next to each other so you know where to find them.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to store items within your floor plan:

• Store similar items together (e.g. keep all of your gardening tools together)
• Put bulky equipment in corners where you would bump into them with your car
• Place bikes and other frequently used items close to the garage door for easy access
• Place seasonal items such as decorations in overhead storage or up in bins.

Get Rid of Clutter

Once you have a clear idea of which items you will store in your garage, you want to start sorting through the items that you will not keep. The key to having a neat and organized garage is not hoarding or keeping items that clutter. Create two piles of items. One pile will be trash/recycle/landfill and the place gently used items for donation or garage sales in the other pile.