Important Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Important Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Are you planning to hire a Las Vegas moving company? That’s a great idea! A Las Vegas moving company can help make light work of your move, big or small. But when you’re making the call to get a quote or book your ideal moving dates, there are a few questions to ask the moving company that will provide you with important information about working with them. While anyone with a moving van can call themselves “movers,” there is only one Champion Movers in Las Vegas that you can count on. Before booking your next move, be sure to ask these questions:

Are You Properly Trained and Licensed?

When it comes to moving companies, especially interstate ones, being licensed is a requirement from the Department of Transportation (Dot) that businesses must follow. This can separate the scam moving companies from the legit moving companies. Be sure to verify that the moving company you are speaking to is properly licensed and that there will be no legal issues with your move.

A license number not only lets you know that the moving company is registered with the DoT (or with the State in which they operate), but it can also allow you to look up their complaint history. This is useful for vetting moving companies before you trust them with all of your belongings.

Do You Have Experience With This Kind of Move?

Not all moves are the same. That’s just a fact. There are local residential moves, of course. Still, there are also bigger and more complicated moves like interstate moves (such as LA to Las Vegas), commercial moves, and specialty moves like those specifically catered towards helping senior citizens move. At Champion Movers, we have plenty of experience with just about anything you could think of. We’ve moved them all.

Do You Offer Liability Insurance?

While we sincerely hope that nothing ever goes wrong with a move. Murphy’s law is very much real. That’s why you always want to ensure your move is covered under some liability insurance. Anything less is taking a gamble with your belongings. While it might pay off once or twice, it’s not worth it to deal with damaged personal property later on. Ask your moving company if they offer insurance and what their coverage options are. Most will offer partial or total replacement insurance.

At Champion Movers, we offer Full Replacement Value Coverage and a Released Value of 60¢ Per Pound Per Article. Whichever works best for you!

Do You Offer Upfront Pricing and Quotes?

One of the most important things your Las Vegas moving company can do for you is set expectations and keep to them! One way to do this is by providing you with an upfront quote that you can use to gauge what the cost of your move will be.

Schedule your move with Champion Movers today and see why we’re the best moving company in Las Vegas.