How Much Does Moving Homes Cost?

How Much Does Moving Homes Cost

Moving day is a fun and exciting time for everyone involved! Between moving out of your old home or apartment and moving into your new place, there can be a lot of emotions flying around, from eagerness and excitement all the way over to the stress that you will inevitably feel as you pack up and move the last of your belongings! Luckily, Champion Movers has you covered with everything from packing your old home to getting you settled into your new home— and everything in between! But how much does moving homes cost exactly?

The magic number varies from each move to move, but by reviewing this guide to moving costs, you can determine which factors will affect how much moving homes cost.

Factors That Affect Moving Cost

There are quite a few factors that will affect the overall cost of your move. These factors can be anything from the date of your move to how many of your belongings you are moving and how far you are moving them.

Travel Fees

Travel fees associated with your move will vary depending on how far you are moving between house A and house B. That is to say that your travel fees will cover the cost of fuel for the move and the labor involved with the time spent driving the moving truck to its destination. This, of course, will vary from moving company to moving company.

Size of Your Move

The size of the load that you plan on moving will also affect the cost of your move. The cost of a move is often calculated by weight because trucks have to carry a certain size load. The weight of the moving truck will also affect the fuel cost and how many different customers can book the same moving truck if the moving company is not just moving your stuff but others. You may consider letting some items go in a yard sale or donating them.

Packing Service

If you purchased any additional services from your moving company, such as Champion Mover’s packing service, this would also affect your costs. That being said, the amount of time you saved packing will more than makeup for it!

Moving Date

As we have mentioned before on the Champion Mover’s Blog. One of the most important details of your move will likely come down to the date that you move. Some dates are more in demand for a few reasons. Likewise, some days are slower, and as a result, you are more likely to find a better deal. It all comes down to planning! See which dates are best for your move!

Liability Coverage

Finally, if you are using a certified moving company, you may be required to have liability insurance. We offer multiple levels of protection that you can choose from, from basic to full-value protection.