Prohibited Items Movers Will Not Move

Prohibited Items Movers Will Not Move

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to make your big move, whether you are moving locally in Las Vegas or across the country. Summer has a good housing market compared to the other months of the year as parents are trying to get moved and settled into their new home before the school year starts again.

Between that and better moving rates, it all makes for a great time to schedule a moving company to help you pack and move into your new home. But before you book a moving date with Champion Movers, there are some prohibited items movers will not move that you need to be aware of so that you can arrange other transportation plans!

Plants, Fruits, and Insects

When it comes to moving any plants, fruits, and organic materials like that, there are very strict laws prohibiting the transportation of plants because they can also transport insects, eggs, and larvae that could potentially devastate agriculture where you are moving.

Because of this, houseplants cannot be transported in the moving van, especially not across state lines.

If you wish to ship or transport household plants to your new home, check with your specific state guidelines on sterilizing soil and shipping plants to limit the possibility of your plants being stopped and disposed of by customs.


While it may seem obvious that pets are not allowed to travel in the back of a moving van, it occasionally comes up. Transporting living animals in the back of a moving van would be too hot, and there would not be enough air. To transport your pets safely. We recommend taking your pet in the car and planning a route to your new home. That has plenty of pet-friendly hotels along the way.

Perishable Foods

When you pack up your old home and prepare for your move, you should go through your pantry and donate as much food as possible. When it comes to perishable foods, you don’t want to take them with you. Bringing food aboard a moving truck will cause the food to expire quickly and attract insects and rodents. That would infest your clothes and furniture.

Cleaning Products and Chemicals

Other prohibited items movers will not move are cleaning products and chemicals because of the risk of transporting cleaning products, which can be highly flammable and toxic. Moving companies are prohibited from transporting these items. If it is considered explosive, corrosive, or a contaminant, then it will not make be transported.

Firearms and Ammo

Regarding moving firearms and ammunition, almost every moving company will not transport ammunition. Firearms, on the other hand, can be transported, but they require special procedures. That aligns with local laws on how firearms are to be transported. There are a lot of different laws and regulations that dictate this. So be sure to check with your moving company beforehand.