How to Pack Clothes for Moving

How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Packing clothes for a move can be a relatively quick and easy process, especially if you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve! You should pack clothes with the same level of care that you put into moving your fragile items. Doing things like making sure your clothes are laundered ahead of time, and investing in wardrobe moving boxes for clothes that need hangers, boxes for your wrapped shoes, or luggage for folded clothes and handbags are arranged. You’ll be grateful when you go to unpack your clean, wrinkle-free clothes in your new place!

Packing Clothes for Moving Life Hacks:

1. Leave Clothes in Drawers

Consider leaving all clothing in their drawers and simply seal the drawers and doors, so they don’t fly open when they’re moved. You could also remove the drawers, seal them with plastic, and move them individually for lighter loads.

2. Wardrobe Boxes

Store any hanging clothing in enclosed boxes or garment racks. When traveling a long distance in a moving truck, you might also want to additionally wrap hanging clothes.

3. Wrap Hanging Clothes

For short moving distances, hanging clothes can be piled into a cart or draped over a box while still on the hanger. To make longer moves easy, just tie hangers together and move them in groupings of 5-15. Cover each cluster completely with large garbage bags to protect from dust and dirt.

4. Vacuum Sealers

You can save space and pack away your off-season clothing by vacuum sealing your clothes during the move. There are special bags you can purchase and with a home vacuum, you can suck out the air while conserving space and the integrity of your clothing for a short period of time.

5. Clothing “Bundles”

Especially if you have to work right away after moving, the bundle packing method makes it easier to move complete outfits in and out of boxes in an organized way. Lay one main item across a flat surface, like a jacket or jeans. On top of this item, layer a smaller piece, like a shirt.

Then another smaller item on top of it. Once you have your outfit laid out, wrap it around each other to create a bundle. Toss this and other bundles inside a cardboard box with the heaviest bundles on the bottom.

6. Delicates and Shoes Separately

Keep all of your delicates and shoes separate from any other clothing to prevent damage. Delicates should be packed or wrapped in tissue paper to add a layer of protection and shoes should be stored in boxes when available.