How to Hold a Successful Moving Sale

How to Hold a Successful Moving Sale

Are you planning a yard sale before you move homes to lighten the load you bring into your new home? Moving sales are a great way to eliminate many cluttered items while putting some money back in your pocket. With some of the money you make on your successful moving sale, you’ll be able to pay for the Champion Movers moving truck rental! Jokes aside, we’re here to help you plan a successful moving sale with these tips:

Plan Ahead

When it comes to planning anything, the most important element is planning. As our old gym teacher would say, “Prior planning prevents poor performance.” The same is true for holding a successful moving sale. You should start planning a few weeks to make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies, such as signage, boxes, and spare change. While you’re at it, you could pick up all of the packing supplies that you need for your move as well.

Talk to Your Neighbors and Post in Your Community Groups

If you want a successful moving sale, advertise it as much as possible! Speak to your neighbors in person a week before the date of your moving sale, and be sure to post on as many community boards as possible. If your neighborhood has a community Facebook group, post in and other local community groups online. Advertising your moving sale on these spaces is a great way to attract buyers from all over town.

Pick Up Supplies and Spare Change

Did you remember to pick up supplies for your moving sale? At the very least, you’ll need poster boards, permanent markers, tape, spare change, and labels to price your items. While these items are not necessary, they will certainly make your moving sale less stressful, in addition to saving you a few trips to the supply store on the day of your moving sale.

Classify and Catalogue Your Items

Want to make your move simple? Label your items according to price so buyers can browse your yard and garage. While you don’t need to label every item, it would be good to categorize items and sections by price; $1 items in this box, $2 books, etc.

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