BBB Warning: Beware of Shady Moving Companies

Shady Moving Companies

The Better Business Bureau is cautioning future customers about notoriously shady moving companies. With numerous complaints by clients, the BBB has no choice but to flag the business.

Moving Scams Are All over the Place, Be Aware!

They have given Canadian Van Lines an F-rating because of the complaints they’ve been receiving. These problems ranged from failure to show up on moving day to dispose of items in storage for clients to pick them up. It sounds like a nightmare already, right?

One customer named Lori Klassen from British Columbia employed the moving company in 2015. She stated that Canadian Van Lines required her to pay half of the fee at the first consultation. When it was time to move, she attempted to call the moving company to no avail. Several calls were shot until she realized that she was being scammed.

Unfortunately, Klassen’s family took it upon themselves to move their belongings, and they fought for about a year to receive their $450 deposit. After contacting the BBB, she realized that she was not the only consumer who dealt with the same issue.

Canadian Van Lines fired back claiming that it has been under new management for about a year and a half; no complaints have been filed in this duration. A company spokesman, Mark Ians, says, “Even over the last three years, there were only 30 to 35 complaints, out of over 2,000 moves.”

Moving can be stressful for families, but it doesn’t have to be. The following are some ways to find reputable movers:

Large deposits – Reputable companies will not ask for large deposits. That, in itself, is a red flag.

Reviews – Do your research and search for reliable movers instead of shady moving companies. Because the business is so broad, anyone with a moving truck can say that they’re a moving company. Look for the ones with no complaints!

References – You want to know the customers that have moved with them. Getting to know who you’re working with is imperative in ensuring that all your belongings are treated with the utmost respect.

Avoid Cash – Don’t pay in cash if they’re offering a rebate.