4 Ways to Afford Your Next Move

4 Ways to Afford Your Next Move

It’s a fact Americans move more than anyone else compared to the rest of the world. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average citizen has moved about 11 times in their lifetime. With expensive apartments, many will opt for a downsize to afford their lifestyle. This might not sound so bad until you realize that moving can be expensive, especially when you don’t have a plan. The bitter truth is relocation to your new home can string some financial strains.

Still, following Champion Mover’s money-saving tricks will make it possible for you to move without crying for help!

How to Move on A Budget

Opt For DIY

Let’s face it; sometimes, people can’t afford moving companies. If you’re a college student with few items to move, opt for do-it-yourself. Rally up your friends and family to make the task easier, along with a rental truck.

Everyone in your party will have assigned tasks like labeling boxes, wrapping dishes, and hauling furniture. The more hands you have, the easier and faster the move! Afterward, finish the move with pizza and drinks.

Create a Budget

The only time you have an excuse not to plan is if you’re required to go without notice. In many cases, people have the choice to move a few months ahead, which gives them time to save on a budget.

Estimate the cost of moving, including security deposit to your new home, packing supplies, moving company, and miscellaneous. Consider termination fees if you’re planning to move before your lease ends. When you have a budget that you can afford, it’s easier to plan around your finances and expenses.

Moving Companies Can Be Negotiable

If you can’t completely move your home without help, try negotiating with moving companies. If you relocate within the city, they can probably develop a deal that suits your budget. You can offer to purchase your moving supplies and pack everything yourself.

Remember that if you want to save more money, try being flexible with your moving date. Off-season and weekdays are usually slow times with moving companies which will give you a generous discount.

Try Decluttering Your Place

When you want to pack less, get rid of more things! This will minimize your budget on boxes and time on loading and unloading your stuff. Besides, do you need those 8th-grade gym clothes hiding in your closet for years?

Probably not. In many cases, you can find many things in your closet that you can donate or sell. Save money and make extra by decluttering your home today.