5 Moving Expenses You’ll Want to Consider

5 Moving Expenses You’ll Want to Consider

Moving takes a lot of money, time and effort. It can get quite physically, emotionally and mentally draining. But the same ordeal goes to your wallet. So as much as possible, you would want to give extra allowance to some other not-so-obvious moving expenses when planning to move. To make it easier for you, Champion Movers has come up with the following helpful tips you might want to consider before.

Making It Affordable

Parking Fee

Parking is usually not included in rent in a big city. So that means you have to prepare yourself for more moving expenses for your car. It’s either you totally ditch your vehicle and rely on public transportation instead or bring it with you along with the expenses it may cost you once you move.

Shipping Costs

When it comes to items that won’t easily fit in your car or the truck, brace yourselves to shell out more dollars. One example is taking a TV with you. You have to weigh in if it will be better to pay for shipping or just buy a new one once you have moved into your new place. Bulkier items like pianos can also be expensive as they are hard to transport and take up a lot of space in the truck.

Sometimes if it needs to be lifted by crane, you pay extra $150-$600. Make sure that whatever option you choose, it will be worth it.

Auto Insurance

When planning a move, it is advisable that consumers ask their insurance companies first about rate changes and whether they need to purchase more coverage. Your care insurance profile may change as every location has different policies and requirements when it comes to insurances. Some drivers are required to purchase personal injury protection.

Health Insurance

Just like auto insurance, health insurance varies from place to place. Your insurance provider can change the plan you’re on as well. Unless you are getting health insurance from your employer or spouse’s employer, switching insurance companies can be hectic so make sure to plan ahead to fight escalating health care expenses.


Depending on where you’re moving or how you’re doing it (by plane, by car or rental truck), you will need to eat while on your way to your new place unless you want to pass out in the middle of the road out of hunger. It might just take you a few hours, but for some, it could take for a few days.

So make sure to pack up food and prepare before you start putting your kitchen in a box. Otherwise, fast food will be your friend and it might get too expensive along the way.