How to Pack Your Car on Moving Day

How to Pack Your Car on Moving Day

Moving your life in a car? We all know the struggle. Planning to haul your belongings in your vehicle can be beneficial if you’re looking to save some money and time, but can be a bit tricky if you want to do it correctly. Depending on the size of your car and how many passengers you’re taking along for the ride, follow these simple tips to ensure a smooth, safe journey to your new home.

5 Tips to Pack Your Car

1. Prepare your vehicle

What more chaos can you do to yourself by packing in a messy car? The day before the big moving day, take the time to clean out your car of all the trash, dirt, and objects it accumulated over time.

There’s nothing more stressful than having to do additional unpacking of garbage in your car while trying to pack into it at the same time. Plus, your whole goal of packing your car is maximizing as much space as possible to make it easier for you.

It also helps to check your gas tank, tire pressure, fluids, and air conditioner if you’re planning a long road trip to your new home.

2. Keep organized

Usually, when you’re packing belongings in your car, it would be the essential things you can’t live without. Making a list helps immensely in the moving process so you don’t forget any important goods and materials. This list can also help you strategize what things to pack in and where to pack it in.

3. Use bags, fewer boxes

Boxes might work best for moving trucks because of their rectangular shapes to fit in them. Cars, on the other hand, have curves and narrow spaces that might not be ideal for boxes.

Instead, pack your car with your belongings in bags and push out their air so they can maximize more space for more objects to also fit. This method also helps you utilize more space in your car.

4. Keep vehicle balanced

Remember, the more things you pack, the weight it brings to your car. And when there’s more weight added to your car, the more gas you use. Balancing out your car so there’s heavy stuff spread throughout your car and not all in one spot, helps your car drive smoother and more efficient. This helps immensely if you’re traveling a great distance

5. Keep your essentials separate

Always have your basic necessities on hand. This includes your phone, wallet, snacks/drinks, clothes, and toiletries (if you’re staying overnight at a hotel), etc. that you might need right away.

There’s nothing worse than being at a gas station trying to fish out your wallet that you packed within the whole cluster of objects in the backseat. Save yourself the time by having a backpack, purse, or duffle bag in the front seat for safe and easy accessibility.