How to Successfully Move Across the Country

How to Successfully Move Across the Country

A new home means new adventures and new memories. Whether a new career opportunity or a fresh new life (or both) awaits across the country for your anticipated move, it’s important to prepare and plan out a successful move. Here are six important steps you might want to consider when trying to successfully move across the country!

How to Successfully Move Across the Country

1. Prepare

Moving is one thing, but moving across the country is another ball game. It takes a lot of thorough planning for a successful move because of the many elements it takes to get so far. Plan out a timeline or calendar of specific dates of things you need to get done. When is your final move out? What day should the movers come?

Overall, you should figure out how exactly the move is going happen and execute. Will you be driving across the country or flying? If you’re driving, how long will the trip take and will you be needing specific accommodations on the way there? Figure out what works for your budget and power to move at your convenience.

2. Clean and get rid of unwanted items

Every moving process comes with cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. Although it can be overwhelming, plan ahead and take it day by day, room by room. Getting rid of unwanted items, products, and appliances not clears up moving boxes, but you get a bit of extra cash in your wallet as well.

If you don’t have the time or energy to coordinate a yard/garage sale, online sites and apps like Craigslist, eBay, and Offer-up makes selling easy. When in doubt, donate!

3. Sort, manage and pack

If packing can be a treacherous task for you, baby steps are the way to go. Take the time to sort through every room and space and keep an organized packing method that works for you.

Remember to be smart with how you pack specific things: use the right-sized boxes, keep heavier items towards the bottom and don’t forget to label!

4. Keep important documents handy

Whatever important documents or papers you needed during the duration of the trip if it’s moving contracts or boarding passes, keep them together in a designated folder that’s within easy reach of.

The last thing you want is digging through a pile of boxes looking for an important document. Keep your move as less stressful as possible.

5. Prepare for the travel

Once you’ve decided if you’re moving via plane or car, preparation for the journey to your final destination is key. If you’re hitting the road, prepare your car and your essential necessities you need for the trip there.

If you’re flying instead, plan accordingly to your flight itinerary and be sure to organize any accommodations for hotel and ground transportation ahead of time.

6. Hire professional movers

Hiring professional movers like Champion Movers can really be the best option for moving across the country. From packing services, storage and the execution of the big move itself, professional movers are experts at transporting and handling every detail from point A to point B.

A move across the country be a lot of pressure and professional movers might make the journey a lot more comfortable.