5 Tips Before You Move Into Your New Home

5 Tips Before You Move Into Your New Home

You’re moving into a new home and have the move-in date circled on the calendar. While you may be extremely excited and can’t wait for the big day, there are several things you should consider before unpacking dishes and hanging pictures.

Champion Movers has put together a list of 5 tips before you move into your new home. These are several important things that will help you streamline your move-in process.

The Essentials Before You Move

1. Make a Prioritized List

Before you even walk into your new home, your mind will be racing with to-dos. The best piece of advice is to keep a prioritized task list inside of a notebook that will be kept in a central location where you can access it easily and often. Prioritize each item you write down with a 1, 2, or 3. Your first priority items should be those that are completed during the week of your move-in, which are things such as safety concerns, cleaning, unpacking essentials, etc.

Your second priority should be tasks completed within the next 1-2 months that are related to organization, maintenance, and leftover unpacking. Your third priority tasks should be the non-essentials; things like projects and improvements that you’d like to complete within the year.

2. Paint Walls and Clean Floors

Prior to moving in, it is always recommended to paint your walls with a fresh coat of paint, then clean the flooring afterward. Do this at least 3 days before your actual move-in to allow time for the paint to dry, any bare spots touched up, and time for the floors and carpets to be thoroughly steam cleaned and dried.

3. Create a Homeowners Journal

Buy a 3-ring binder and keep all important insurance papers, repair receipts, home purchases, and any other paperwork pertaining to the house. By storing all your new home information in one central place makes life easier and can additionally be a huge advantage for when you decide to sell the house later.

4. Locate the Electrical Panel

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important. Locate the electrical panel so you know where to shut off the power, what breakers belong to which rooms, or where an individual circuit leads to. The main circuit breaker panel is generally a gray, metal box that is located in a utility room, garage or basement.

The main breaker for the entire house can usually be found at the top of the panel, with two rows of other breakers below it, and each switch controlling individual circuits. If you’re lucky, there will be a guide that indicates which outlets belong to each circuit. But this isn’t always the case, which is why this is such an important first step before moving in.

4. Change the Locks and Defend Your Home

Not knowing a new home or neighborhood can be scary. By keeping safety in mind, making sure your doors and windows are secure will be your first line of defense. If you’re able to, make alarms the second line of protection. Start by installing all-new locks on every single outside door. Remember cross space locks, sheds, and garage entrances as well.

Then, use wireless alarm sensors for all doors and windows- even upstairs. If you are able to get a monitored service that also detects window breaks or indoor security, then all the better. Nothing helps you have a restful sleep in a new place than peace of mind.