8 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

8 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

You’ve just finished moving, or maybe you have a slew of boxes leftover from the holidays that you haven’t thrown out yet. Recycling is one option, but so reusing them. Check out Champion Mover’s super-creative and fun ways to reuse cardboard boxes by repurposing them into several useful projects that you can use around the home!

Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

1. Magazine Files

Take a few cereal boxes and make a stylish magazine file by simply cutting out one side to the proper size and covering it with decorative paper or fabric.

2. Natural Plant Containers

Take a small cardboard box, dress it up with a few embellishments, and line it with a plastic bag that is poked with a few drainage holes. Then, fill it with dirt, and move a plant into a cute new home that can be placed in any window sill.


Especially if you just moved, you probably have an excess of large boxes. And if you have children (or childlike imagination) you can make a cardboard maze that will entertain the kids for hours. Using tape, sturdy plastic clips, and strong scissors cut a doorway or two into each box and join together to design your maze. Don’t forget a trap door that takes you back to the beginning!

4. Postcards

You can make original, natural gift cards by reusing cardboard materials. Simply cut out cardboard “postcards” that can be sent as is; no envelope needed. Use fun stamps to decorate the outside and write your message on the back!

5. Gift Tags

Have you ever run out of gift bag stickers or tags? Whether you use them for gift tags or as a label for various boxes, bags, or containers around the house, this is an easy and free way to mark and label all your stuff. Simply cut out the shape of your tag or label, attach string or twine if tying to a gift, or use tape or glue to apply as a label.

6. Stylish Storage

Using small to medium boxes, durable fabric, and spray adhesive to hold the fabric covers in place, you can cover any box to repurpose it into a stylish storage container. Then, use a few gold screw bolts to secure the fabric, plus an old belt to create a handle!

7. Coasters

Cardboard, some decorative duct tape, and a good pair of sharp scissors are all that’s needed to make these drink coasters. Take a sheet of cardboard, cover it in decorative duct tape, then cut out circles, squares, or any shape you prefer. Bonus: These also make great furniture sliders so you can protect hard floors too!

8. Gift Bag Boxes

You can create styled gift bags out of small boxes. Cut a cardboard cereal box into the shape of a bag and paint it in any style or color you choose. Fill it with goodies or line it with tissue paper and you have a memorable goodie bag to send home with your guests.