Repurpose Your Moving Boxes as Costumes

Repurpose Your Moving Boxes as Costumes

There’s nothing that kids love more than playing with everything that isn’t an actual toy. We’ve all been there. We repurposed boxes and made forts, spacesuits, shields, and let our imaginations run wild. Since your last move with Champion Movers, if you hung on to all of those extra moving boxes that you’ve been meaning to recycle, you have the perfect opportunity to start a fun arts and crafts project with your kids! Simply repurpose your moving boxes.

As Halloween quickly approaches, you can take those extra moving boxes and fashion fun and create costumes that your child will surely enjoy making and wearing!

A Robot

One of the original cardboard box costume ideas is that of the robot: a silver, rectangular machine that is fashioned from gears and has segments that move in an unnatural and rigid manner. A robot is a fun and simple costume to make, all that you will need is a large rectangular box, some silver or grey paint (or aluminum foil), glue, scissors, and some black construction paper.

Follow these easy steps:
1 – Make sure that you seal the box on the long rectangular side. This will keep the box from folding in on itself.
2 – Cut out one of the square sides of the box to make room for your legs. This will be the bottom of your box.
3 – Cut out a hole for your head on the top of the box. This will be the top of your box that sits on the shoulders.
4 – Paint the whole box silver, gray, or cover it in foil for a shiny metallic look.
5 – To add some fun details, feel free to cut the construction paper into the shape of gears and glue them to the front of your new robot and voilà — your robot costume is ready to go.

A Classic iPod

Who could forget about the classic iPod? Those iconic commercials had everyone up and dancing in front of their TVs, except probably anyone under the age of 20. A classic iPod feels as far off in the past as a walk-man but, it’s classic look and unforgettable apple logo are sure to strike some serious nostalgia points with anyone that remembers these!

What you’ll need: a large rectangular box, paint (your choice of color), glue, scissors, and a few sheets blank white paper, the larger, the better. You’ll need enough for a screen and the click-wheel.