How to Make Use of Those Leftover Cardboard Boxes

How to Make Use of Those Leftover Cardboard Boxes

Congratulations! You just finished unpacking and are now settled into your new home. However, you may not feel so settled as you look around, and there are towering stacks of leftover cardboard boxes lying throughout your home. Your first thought is to break them down, load up the car, head off to the dump, and get rid of them. Before you do, here are some ways Champion Movers recommends you could use those leftover boxes for organizing or a little fun!

Tips to Recycle Moving Boxes


There is that old Christmas saying of the kids want to play with the box more than with the actual toy, and this couldn’t be truer! Children have wild and massive imaginations where all they need is a cardboard box, and they could create an entire world within that space.

Consider giving your little ones one of the bigger boxes you used during the move and allow them to explore. If you live in a place where it snows, keep a few large boxes for the kids to sled downhills!


You might be thinking, “how does having boxes in my office space keep me organized?” Well to answer that you should take a look inside your filing cabinet. Those drawers can’t hold everything when it comes to papers such as tax reports, work files, and other relevant documents.

Make use of the extra smaller boxes you have and place old pictures, documentation, and anything else that is overcrowding your desk drawers or filing cabinet space. This will help you get organized with labeled boxes that don’t necessarily have to be visible, but you know what is in them and where they are located.


The internet is chock-full of DIY and homemade projects that you can engage in that won’t cost you loads of money! Why not make those bland and boring boxes into something colorful and fun?

The possibilities are endless when you have markers, glue, and imagination. Board games, playhouses, or secret hideouts can be easily made just with things around your house!