How to Decide if You Should Move or Not

How to Decide if You Should Move or Not

Sometimes life requires us to make a move, while other people feel the urge to uproot for a plethora of reasons. If the moving bug is starting to bite, how do you decide when the time is right to pack up everything and head to a different environment?

Especially if you aren’t sure you’re ready, and no one can ever be 100% certain, there are still ways we can make better determinations and feel confident that our decision to move is based on clear objectives or goals; and not just because we think we need a change of scenery.

Things to Consider Before Moving

If you want to know how to decide if you should move or not, ask yourself these questions:
• Am I bored with my job or my career? Am I pursuing a new one?
• Is it a good job market where I’m considering? Is my job portable?
• Is it a place I’ve always dreamed of living?
• What responsibilities will I need to consider?
• Can I afford to move right now, and if not, when?
• Can I afford not to move, and if not, how soon do you need to act?

Some of the main reasons people move are due to:


Companies, like people, move and relocate to other areas, too. When this happens and you are asked to transfer to another city, state, or even country, before you agree to move with your company, you should take a moment to think about where you are in your career.

If this move will help lead you to that next step towards obtaining your goals, then go for it. If this is a lateral move, then maybe negotiation is an option. No matter what, relocating for work is a huge commitment and should be well thought out and discussed between you and your employer ahead of time.


Many people move once they’ve retired. Whether you are looking for a sunny, warm place live, or you just want to be closer to the family, it’s a good idea to consider all your options. Research health care services, medical insurance, cost of living in the area, and consider what family and friends you’ll be moving towards, or away from because this all affects your quality of life.

Life Choices

Many people have a dream and end up living in a foreign place simply because they followed their dream and made it happen. Maybe you just want to live where it’s warm, or perhaps you like living in colder climates so your lifestyle will surround seasonal activities like skiing in the winter and boating in the summer.

Try taking a small vacation for a few days to your dream destination to get a feel for what it’s like to live there, then make it happen. One thing is for sure, you’ll never know unless you find out.